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About thirty years ago, the construction of the subway in Nizhny Novgorod (then Gorky) accident, which killed people. Today, in the Nizhny Novgorod subway people face with something unexplainable. Both residents and researchers of the paranormal believe that ghosts inhabit the local subway killed …

So, in January of this year, 21-year-old Alex Kalachev, along with his girlfriend at about half past eleven came home on the subway. Emergence of young people had to be at the station "Zarechnaya".

"The car was still in the tunnel, — says Alex. — Tanya and I got up and went to the door. Train slowed down a bit. We were getting ready to leave. Suddenly, just before leaving on a platform between the train and the wall, we clearly saw the cloudy white spot, vaguely like a man in the construction helmet. This was so unexpected that we even jumped from the door! "

July 13, 1984 during the construction of the metro station "Moscow" was the destruction of attachment of the walls. Killed two young workers of student construction team. It is possible that their ghosts now walk through the tunnels.

"The fact that in 80 years working there were killed, said a long time, — says Konstantin Nizhny Novgorod digger named Alone. — But I do not see any ghosts. Although countries in the subway, of course, abound. Sometimes at night down in Metrostroy walk. Workers had already been there. But sounds hammers and grinding of iron sometimes hear … "

With something incomprehensible've encountered and by the metro builders.

"While working the night shift, we sometimes hear strange sounds different in the tunnel — told fixer named Sergey. — And the most interesting thing there, where they come from, no one. But this is no one is paying attention."

However, as workers and diggers to have at the local subway ghosts are quite skeptical. They believe that the mysterious sounds can be heard from nearby stations — just echo that! Or in tunnels can climb outside punks, bums …

But the psychic and parapsychologist Julia Sysorova convinced that the ghosts in the Nizhny Novgorod Metro exactly deep.

"These phantoms are usually" attached "to the place of his death, — she said. — They appear or when few people are around, or at the very time when the dead. See the ghost, not everyone can. Only those who have a little psychic abilities. phantoms will not cause harm if they are not afraid. Otherwise your negative energy can be reflected from their plasma and get back to you in a more serious scale. then excepted tragic cases. Why souls of the dead workers began to appear now? leap in 2012 is transition to other energy. And now the subway actively under construction. ghosts could disturb … "

Actually, the appearance of ghosts in the subway (or rather, the legends about them) is not such a rarity.

London station "British Museum" closed with another 30 years of the last century, and now it can just barely see out of the window of the car train, following the line of Tottenham Court Road — Holborn. They say that when the station was built, a team of workers from the accident fell into the earth and save the poor failed. Now their spirits wander around the station, because it supposedly and closed … In this story, by the way, is based motion picture cult 70's "Line of Death." However, here the creators gave vent to imagination: that underground live the descendants of those trapped builders — mutants that prey on tardy passengers and eat them …

The most famous ghosts of Moscow Metro — phantoms lineman and Black driver. Manager Sokolniki line Abaeva Valentine said: "These are people who are connected with the fate of the underground. Trackman worked underground for 40 years, did not want to retire and always reproached the young people who, say, does not respect the physical work and chasing the big money . He died at the age of 82, however, they say, and after the death can not calm down, wandering through the dark tunnels of the Metro. We have seen many of his … "

Black driver, according to Valentina Abayeva, died fifteen years ago while on duty. PE happened: the composition derailed, caught fire head coach. The engineer was able to take the train out of the tunnel, but he suffered severe burns and died three days later in hospital.

Metro guide stated that the engineer himself to blame for the accident. His family has not received any compensation … But the real culprit was the chief engineer of the site, which does not pay attention to the state of emergency cars.

Soon workers were underground in the tunnels to meet the ghost of the driver. He is black, as if charred skin. They say he wanders in search of justice …

Irina Shlionskaya

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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