USA. The consequences of a tornado

Fourth day continues rampant floods in the central United States. On Wednesday night, the U.S. National Weather Service has announced the formation of the threat of tornadoes in a dozen states — from Texas to Ohio.
According to the authorities, as a result of the disaster most affected central and north-eastern parts of the country, where the confirmed death toll reached 140. In Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, two days after a strong series of storms and tornadoes killed at least 15 people.
Disturbing news continues to come from Joplin (Missouri), where rescue operations are conducted after Sunday tornado, which has become the most destructive in the U.S. over the last 60 years. From the rubble in the evening environment got the body 125 dead, more than one thousand five hundred still reported missing.
Rescuers are working in extreme conditions — in most of the city is still not restored the electricity supply, and the analysis of the debris is around the clock. Despite all efforts, the living could be found only 17 people.
"Hope to save someone else is melting in front" — the official representative of the local authorities Cherokee Ballard. According to him, over the medium could not find a single survivor. The situation is complicated by the weather: Meteorologists are still pessimistic in their forecasts.
For the day around Joplin were seen about ten new tornadoes, but none of them is comparable in strength to the fact that a quarter of the city emptied on Sunday. Meanwhile, the impact of the cyclone there in Memphis (Tennessee), which has not yet departed from the effects of severe flooding on the Mississippi River. The city was hit downpours and hail.
Stormy weather is observed in the state of Illinois, where the wind power lines were broken, leaving no light left several villages. Nearly 10,000 customers remain without electricity in Indiana, where registered a record rainfall.
In the city of Greensburg, located near Indianapolis, were reported hail and wind gusts up to 120 km per hour.


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