Vaccination of cancer or pregnancy?

This material was sent to the post office RuTribune signed "group of concerned doctors." Believe it or not — let each person decide.
Beginning in 2009, all health centers, schools and private medical centers in the female population of the country have begun to offer a new way of preventing cervical cancer — vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV). Developed by the vaccination program to be only girls and women of child-bearing period of 12 to 50 years. Keep this fact. Remember also the fact that this virus affects men as often as women, but oddly enough, not in a hurry to vaccinate.

The viruses that cause warts on the skin and mucous membranes of humans, known for a long time as the wart virus. There are about 100 (!) Different types of viruses that cause warts and skin ulcers. They are transmitted by contact, and over 80% of the world's population are carriers of the infection. It is believed to carriage turned into a disease, you need to weaken the immune system, stress, etc. There is also a view that some types of warts may develop into cancer. And in order to prevent this, you need a preventive vaccination: no virus, no cancer!

Your choice in the programs are two vaccines one type of action, but of different foreign manufacturers — Gardasil (manufactured by: Merck Sharp & Dohme, The Netherlands) and Cervarix (Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Belgium). As the advertising, "Gardasil and Cervarix — the only vaccine to protect against cervical cancer and other serious diseases caused by HPV cervical dysplasia, genital warts and other vaccines approved by the FDA and is officially registered in the U.S., Australia / New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, in the European Union. " We read further: "Gardasil was developed in the U.S. in the early 90's. Quality confirmed by international clinical trials. The experiments, which continued for 15 years, completed clinical trials, which involved more than 21 thousands of women around the world. "

In private medical centers, these vaccines are not free. Thus, the standard series of three vaccinations cost from 17,000 to 26,000 rubles. In schools and vaccination clinics funded from the budget. If you multiply this by the number of women who do not want to be ill with cervical cancer, it turns out very round sum.

So what is actually caused by a touching concern for the female population of the country and ignores the male? Is it really effective, and most importantly, these drugs are safe?

In 2007, began to appear independent research on the topic.

Thus, a major American Information Portal "News Tagit" carefully considered the study published in the "Journal of the American Medical Association» (JAMA, August 2007), entitled "Impact of vaccine particles like human papillomavirus 16/18 L1, women with previous infection. " Study sought to establish the benefit of the HPV vaccine for female carriers of HPV (which actually includes all sexually active women, regardless of age.) This article, reprinted from the "Journal of the American Medical Association," can be found in the document archive at the University of Louisville http://louisville.eduesidents/journal-club/11-07 Article.pdf. In case of remote copy, we have placed another in PDF format here.

This document contains great information about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. It states that the HPV vaccine often causes an increase in the amount of virus and was completely incapable of it to release the body of most women. These shocking results led the authors of the study to the next common conclusion printed in the "Journal of the American Medical Association":

"There was no significant evidence of a therapeutic effect of the vaccine in the analysis of women who received all doses of the vaccine, compared with the analysis of women with HPV infection alone. We found no evidence of efficacy. Vaccination does not affect the level of viral clearance for the 12-month period. Further research on the effectiveness BLA (biologics license application) found that certain people Gardasil may increase the risk of disease by 44.6%, ie those who have a carrier of the HPV types used in the vaccine. "

In other words, it is found that the vaccine was introduced a young woman who is a carrier of HPV in a "harmless" state can "activate" the infection and directly cause precancerous changes. That is, the vaccine may accelerate the development of precancerous lesions in women.

This information was just hidden in the discussion of policy Gardasil vaccination. Politicians of Pharmacology appealed to "save lives" and claimed that Gardasil is the ideal protection for all women, is no increased risk of cancer. And these documents show that Gardasil may contribute substantially increase the risk of cervical cancer in women.

The study authors found no evidence that the vaccine works at all. This observation led the authors to make a damning conclusion that Gardasil — neither more nor less than a grand medical hoax.

Researchers have struggled to find the arguments that led to every doctor, Governor and health authorities in the United States (and the world) to review the policy of vaccination Gardasil. But listen to them no one.

Hard, honest look at this scientific evidence, and conclusions do not come to the conclusion that the policy of mandatory vaccination Gardasil, which is pushed around the world today, is based on anything other than scientific evidence. According to "News Tagit", there are several theories to explain the motivation of such a policy.

Financial gain. Pharmaceutical companies ("Big Pharma") to impose mandatory vaccination policy in order to profit from the sale of large amounts of vaccine in the world. The idea, at least in part, by the fact that the governor of Texas, Rick Perry — the first governor of the state, who made a mandatory vaccination — had secret links with the pharmaceutical company (the highest official in the administration of Perry worked directly on the corporation "Merck" — producer Gardasil). You can read the true story of "Merck" and its crimes

Control of sheep. According to this theory, the main task is to teach the compulsory vaccination of the American people to submit to mandatory drug. If the introduction of compulsory medication a part of the population will be successful, such a policy can be extended to other groups, and can eventually cover the entire population.

Conspiracy to poison people. This theory, which causes distrust of some readers, suggests that such mandatory vaccination is introduced to a disease in the future by poisoning people dangerous chemicals and DNA fragments that are known to be found in vaccines. Poisoning of people affect the future earnings of pharmaceutical companies, coming soon to a serious illness requiring medical "treatment." Many people who support this theory, they really believe that AIDS, for example, was created by scientists and then after vaccine introduced into a population of gay men in New York in the late 1980s.

Theories about the financial benefit to believe easily, and is easy to believe in the will of those in power have total control over the citizens. But the third point of a closer look.

For 20 years in a variety of the world's major research centers were developing a contraceptive vaccine, designed to solve the problem of overpopulation of the planet. Research was conducted in the framework of the WHO program on reproductive health. They funded "by the Rockefeller Foundation," and controlled "by the Population Council," World Bank, "Development Programme" of the UN and other world "humanist" organizations. WHO has spent on the development of these about 365 million dollars, and by the early 90's such a vaccine was created — are effects of this vaccine is as follows.

In the pregnant woman's body produces a special hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin (HGT). Without it, the development of pregnancy impossible, and reducing its level leads to miscarriage. This "friend" woman's body hormone, and it can not produce antibodies that attack and destroy it. But if a genetically engineered hormone that attach to any foreign protein — for example, attenuated virus — and enter the body as a vaccine, then at him, as for the virus will produce antibodies. "Stranger", consisting of virus and malware useful hormone is destroyed. The antibodies remain in the body for a long time, so as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, they destroy chymotrypsinogen appeared, and there is a miscarriage.

Such a tetanus vaccine was tested on thousands of anonymous women in poor countries in Latin America, Nicaragua and Mexico. Apparently, the wave of the vaccination has reached our country. It is very much the same. And there, and here we are talking only about women of childbearing age, though ill tetanus and HPV, men and children. And there, and here the same vaccination schedule — three times with a short interval between injections. And there, and here stiff scary drug advertising and questionable scientific evidence of its effectiveness.

The population of our country, which has a vast territory and rich natural resources, is impeding the world elite to dispose of these stocks. The theory of the "golden billion" has long since ceased to be a theory and turned into practice. Therefore, to reduce the population by all means set in motion. Agree, much more profitable, so that children were not born at all than to fight the "unnecessary eaters." To do this, every year there are "more effective" vaccine "for prevention of fatal diseases," and hysteria about the need for mass vaccination.

Keep this in mind when you are strongly suggest grafted a new import supervaktsinoy that forever will save you from health problems. A thousand times think, what and who needs it.

Note Rutribune. The mention of a series of three vaccinations to mind is widely published in the last year, materials exposing the myth of the "swine flu." They tell of things about trehvaktsinnoy system.

First inoculation neutralize white blood cells (immune system), the second virus enters the body, and the third again leads the immune system is activated. In the second phase viruses spread throughout the body, but the person does not feel sick because the immune system is idle. When the immune system is activated again, it attacks the virus cocktail with such force that the body does not stand up and dies. This syndrome is called a "cytokine storm" — overloaded immune system sends to the infected areas as many antibodies that vital organs "burn out."

Epidemic and even almost pandemic "swine flu" has disappeared as suddenly as it had begun. Viruses vary, but the principle remains the same three doses. What makes at least think about …

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