Valery Zolotukhin. I’m tired of being Bumbarash watch online

Valery Zolotukhin.  I'm tired of being Bumbarash watch online
June 21, 2011, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Zolotukhin was 70 years old. A movie for the anniversary of the artist tells of his life and work, of the most exciting moments of the biography and more important roles. Valery Zolotukhin — The idol of the audience, as the older generation and the youth. "Package", "The owner of the taiga" and of course "Bumbarash" — beloved films of the 70's generation. "Land," "Night Watch," "Dark Lightning" — cult movies for the younger generation. Zolotukhin is organic in all of their own roles — if he played a Red Army soldier, a policeman, a sorcerer, witch or vampire.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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