Values of Russian authorities on the example of the APEC summit in Vladivostok

Priorities of the Russian authorities on the example of the APEC summit in VladivostokAfter the Russian president in March of this year was elected Vladimir Putin became the subsequent open a discussion topic: What values in their work will adhere to the head of the country. If placed to talk about during the election campaign, Putin's policy papers, it was possible to conclude that he is in the case of self-elected president was going to attack virtually every area and increase the standard of living, and building a tight fit relationship with the CIS countries, and issues on creation of a free trade area, customs union, the solution to the problems of Russian military equipment, the establishment of the situation with social guarantees population and much more.

For obvious reasons, in the camp of skeptics talk about the fact that Putin is just a lot has been taken over and all it takes to discover certainly not will take away. Some have directly stated that these words of the presidential candidate — an obvious public relations, which dissolved, Putin will again enter into the Kremlin. Allegedly, the global monetary crisis hammered the nail into the coffin of its own all these candidate promises: Oil prices will fall down, prosyadet ruble against major world currencies sensitive Does not twice.

But in the first months of the new Putin's presidency have shown that note-alarmists have to be subjected to adjust their forecasts. Priority tasks that were set candidate Putin began finding their solutions by President Putin. Certainly, you can not state that all runs smoothly and oil, is here and its not yet overcome the difficulties, but, as in any business, to solve the most urgent tasks at one blow, is simply unrealistic.

What are the values in the work of the president appear now. This question can be answered considering the results held in Vladivostok summit of APEC. It can be said that the mere holding of such a prestigious international forum — typical call to the Russian Federation from the international community. The challenge was accepted, and the results of the negotiations at the summit lead to a conclusion about the political values of Russian authorities.

First, let's say that the forum has demanded the release of large amounts of budget. The final estimate of such a prestigious event as the APEC summit include the amount of 680 billion rubles. This summit is the most expensive in history. Of course, the word "most expensive" in many people cause severe rejection. Say, why Moscow handy guide such amounts of money on it, so a few days businessmen and bureaucrats are held on the peninsula Russian, languages, excuse me, scratched, and later went home.

But it must in fact be completely honest with ourselves. In the final analysis, then these funds are allocated not only for the preparation and holding of the summit itself, but rather on the development of the Far East as a whole. Summit — here only typical starting step.
All of the near future in Russia podymali issues related to the fact that if you are currently on our Far East No direct attention, then it will direct attention to other countries, and these countries, we have nothing to be able to counter. It seems that it is not looked apocalyptic, but some truth in it was and still is. If you take into account the fact that the total area of the Far Eastern Federal neighborhood is about 36% of the area of the entire country, and constantly live in these vast territories of less than 6.2 million people, it is possible to imagine the scale of the negative itself. The fact that such a number of inhabitants of the physical layer is not able to produce the full development of all the wealth of the region, and of the control such an impressive part of the country may also appear severe difficulties.

In this regard voiced plans to verbovaniyu Far East trained professionals and skilled workers who are able to in the first step to do some groundwork for the upcoming fracture difficult situation. As long as people are more willing to leave the Far East, which can not be ignored.

But neither qualified experts at the same or working on a nude shots that are called, too, will not go to the ground, and of the promises are not backed by real incentives and social protection, are not peck. And if so, then the selection of the 680 billion and was the starting point for a large-scale project financing Far East with the development of transport infrastructure, communications, housing complex, and much more. Take the same building in which the meetings of the Summit delegates. Information about what the coming they will be used as the bodies of the Far Eastern Federal Institute, has been announced yet for a long time before the summit opened specifically. If this is not an attempt to attract young people to the role in the development of the Far East, then what?

There are about this very unique proposition: that the Putin singled out the funds for the construction of new buildings and bridges in Vladivostok just to throw dust in the eyes of members of foreign delegations. Here, they say, will end the APEC summit and all these body porastut moss and will not are chosen by students and homeless people … But it must be said that in recent years so happened that at least some, even the most naturally good initiative Russian authorities are representative analysis. Some of the increased funding to behold the Far East sample attract business here not only from other regions of Russia, and of foreign countries of the world, while others are beginning to practice is someone who outperform in terms of birth to the light of the apocalyptic prediction. After a resounding words, and all the more heart-rending clicks insolvency authorities are enough people in this country are ready willing to listen, and if there is a demand for it, then avralschikov forecasters to be missed.

If you continue to raise the question of values of today's Russian government, then there can not be called an attempt to engage the Russian Federation in the global transportation system, which will allow to combine land transport means Asia with Europe. The implementation of such large-scale project is seen by some spices a new method of Russian authorities to resume construction, the effectiveness of which is disputed. But challenged again by whom? People who are not going to delve into the essence of the question, and I try almost anything to create the world of sensation. Look, they say, Putin wants to revive the BAM and begin new work on the Trans-Siberian! Aha — now the BAM, and tomorrow the revival of the USSR, the Gulag, and off we go …

Well, if you think about it in the heart of the matter … As part of the same APEC summit reached an agreement on the use of Russian transport corridors for the movement of goods from Europe to Asia and vice versa. If we talk about such a move at this point, then, of course, underwater stones missing. Railway trains with weights can be moved from the eastern borders RF to the European side of three, or even four weeks. There is lack of rolling stock and routes that would have allowed to unload railway transport system. But if there is an agreement with China, Korea, the cash infusion into the development of transport systems Far East brew themselves. Of course, do not think that now Moscow will allocate a pair or two billion, and tomorrow Chinese goods shall flow rivers practically on Russian railways in Europe, which will bring trivial advantages of. Unfortunately, su
ch a magic wand, which is only swing and pumpkin turned into new transport trains, and the stitches and the bear trail in the new steel road is not present at the 1st government in the world. Our is no exception.

Of course, that only one implementation of such a large-scale transportation project in the Far East will be enticed by the harsh investment. If yesterday skeptics were that the Russian economy no self-respecting western entrepreneurs to invest and do not stir the brain, because the political control of bureaucracy contributed to the economy at all, the results of the summit showed the same turnaround.

Namely international investor Jim Rogers, which is difficult to blame the boundless love of the Russian Federation, said he started to change his outlook about investing in the Russian projects. He said that previously would not have thought to put their money in Russia, but now realized, "Mr Putin for the last 10-15 years, learned some lessons," making Russia more clear, and the business there (in Russia) is more predictable.

In the course of the summit was the conclusion of a number of promising deals vkladyvatelnogo character. Namely, an agreement was signed for the sum of 200 million dollars between the Russian Direct Investment Fund and China vkladyvatelnoy company. Vkladyvatelnye Both companies want to invest in timber processing industry of. This is a very positive announcement, because it is clear that at the moment Russian wood species sails away straight to China, where local plants of it makes the finished product. If vkladyvatelnye streams will focus on the development of wood in the Far East, it will allow new jobs and produce more tangible profits from the business.

Zabugornye investors are obviously interested in regional business projects presented during the Summit. Namely, the Amur region proposed development projects metallurgical industry and the use of agricultural land for feeding soybeans. In the Khabarovsk region are ready to begin work on the development of gas-chemical industry, also in terms of shipbuilding and aircraft construction. Kamchatka has to invest a project to create a promising Russian ski resort. Yakutia has assessed the independent mineral resource potentials, indicating the total value of profit from mining to 78.4 trillion rubles.

As can be seen, the potentials in the Far East in short supply. Because promises of power that relate to, among other things, the development of this rich region, have consistently translated into reality. And all the words that the economically developing Far East — a utopia, it is possible to name the obvious reluctance of certain circle of people realize that there are forces of the Russian Federation for realization of potentials.

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