Values of Russian military construction

Russia needed combat capable and effective military force to produce pretty confident containment West

Building a hierarchy of values of military construction, it should be noted that for RF There is a need to be prepared for the role in all major forms of possible military conflicts: the all-out nuclear war, large-scale conventional war, limited to interstate conflict, an internal armed conflict and the fight against terrorism.

The military doctrine of the Russian Federation defines four levels of military conflicts: armed conflict, local, regional and large-scale war. The first two types, according to the views of the creators of the Military Doctrine of Russian Federation shall be conducted with limited goals, the second pair — a necessary and constructive military and political goals, respectively.

In accordance with the hierarchy of threats

In the case of regional and large-scale wars with ordinary weapons allowed the introduction and nuclear weapons. With all of this indicates that our homeland reserves the right to resort to nuclear weapons in response to the use it against her and her allies, and in response to anger against Russia with the introduction of conventional weapons, which poses a risk of the existence of Russian country . In other words, play the role of nuclear weapons deter nuclear conflict, a number of regional and large-scale wars.

So Makarov, in the Russian Federation recognized that the basis for the military security of our country remains a nuclear weapon and the first strategic nuclear forces. Specifically, their presence virtually eliminates the risk for RF-scale military confrontation with the other great powers, since it is believed that the non-nuclear war U.S. and NATO against Russia impossible: even if one starts as a non-nuclear conflict, resulting in the inevitable escalation of at most 24 hours, he will grow into all-out nuclear war.

With regard to large-scale conventional war, until such time as on the borders of Russian Federation have the power, potentially capable of such war (NATO and China), Moscow can not ignore the possibility of unleashing. Same rate per only nuclear deterrence, and only on nuclear deterrence does not provide sufficient flexibility in the RF response, since at the theoretical level, the enemy becomes possible to carry out a limited "subthreshold" anger non-nuclear means. Because in accordance with a kind of "doctrine of flexible response" Our homeland inevitably must contain sufficient conventional forces to repel the strong aggressive non-nuclear states and coalitions.

Military construction must find answers to the challenges of the military in order of priority, the degree of threat to the country. Builds up a kind of hierarchy of values in accordance with the magnitude of threats. Quite clear that the nuclear missile attack is an absolute danger to the very existence of the country and civilization. Behind him on the extent of possible catastrophic consequences for the country is a large-scale conventional war. Any same local conflicts — is specifically local hazards that are not a direct threat to the existence of the country. Because rassredotachivanie resources to the military will inevitably be carried out in accordance with the hierarchy of such threats. In general, at a conceptual level segodnyaschy Russian government policy specifically defined hierarchy similar threats.

Purely regional nature

Since our homeland impartially remains outside of the Western world, it appears that the current global order based on the military-political hegemony of the U.S. and its allies, malopriemlem for our country. This order was formed since the late 80s almost exclusively at the expense of the Soviet Union (Russia) and just took shape as a result of the fact that Vladimir Putin referred to as "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century" — the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because our home now and in the future is to impartially almost all the revisionist powers interested in destabilizing the world order today. The aim of the Russian Federation — the achievement of a multipolar world in which it would be one of the leading countries in the world, "a concert of powers." But of course, that it is fairly achievable only in the case of a weakening U.S. and South American power. Another thing is that with all this, our homeland is not willing to waste much, or significant resources to the revisionist policy and certainly not interested in a harsh confrontation with the United States and the West on the issue. Hence the controversial Moscow mnogosmyslennyh course in foreign policy in matters of combating South American unilateralism (Iran, etc.).

Priorities of the Russian military construction

Yet the sum of the remaining contradictions of the Russian Federation with the United States and the Western world is the fact that Russian military construction in almost all the qualities inevitably continues to pursue the goal of minimizing the military advantages the United States and NATO. This means that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as it is believed to possess the subsequent core abilities:

— to provide an effective deterrence and nuclear deterrence the U.S. and its allies;
— have sufficient capacity to limit the most strategic military capabilities the United States;
— have the potential to prevent the "access" of U.S. forces in the area of the former USSR;
— own abilities (including technology) successfully challenge the U.S. and NATO in the limited non-nuclear military conflict.

Such formulations allow quite right to highlight some key areas of development of the Armed Forces, and observed the moment. With all of this now Moscow is wise to avoid the temptation of trying to vvyazyvaniya in competition with the U.S. and NATO on the quantitative characteristics of the arms and the armed forces. For the Russian elite at the moment, in general, of course, that stupid "mirror" the arms race not only can not afford RF, yes and will be pre-criminal waste of Russian resources.

Obviously, at the current time, the U.S. and its allies dominate the world, including at the expense of their own military advantages in relation to Russia. Conventional direct clash between the armed forces of Russia and the West absolutely hopeless and deprived of her chance of success. But with combat-capable, efficient and ready to use the Armed Forces, Our homeland is believed to be able to produce pretty confident containment of the West, forcing the latter to take into account Russian interests.

Moscow is not throwing challenge to the West, and obviously is not going to re-join with him in the military competition. On the contrary, from the standpoint of logic itself out of the Contract has lost all sense of ordinary Armed Forces in Europe allows, for example, completely abandon the outdated approach of constant correlation potentials of Russia and the West and go to the full freedom in the development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the emphasis at all this on a purely national needs and responding to certain dangers.

Priorities of the Russian military constructionIn general, the purpose of military construction of the Russian Federation may be ref
erred to the establishment of such military machine that would give complete freedom of action with respect to its neighbors and the West were at once deprived of all hope in the possibility of military intervention in acts of Russian Federation.

With all of this it should be noted that almost military construction of the Russian Federation in this approach is purely regional, rather than global in nature, in fact maintaining a defensive bias.

Of course, that at this time in Moscow, the danger of large-scale military confrontation with the United States and the West (as well as between the large advanced countries of the modern world) is considered unlikely and cater more to the characteristics of deterrence than the real potential for the creation of such a confrontation.

Limitations and considerations

Weakness and backwardness of, in principle, is unlikely in the foreseeable future insurmountable historical period, the apparent moral and cultural (civilizational) an advantage of the West, coupled with geopolitical and geographical features of the Russian Federation imposed the following imprints on at least some probability of a real Russian military build-up:

— Our homeland is and will remain a "one-dimensional" military power with the imminent military predominance reasons of security and the value of a purely military solutions defeat the enemy. In light of this, Moscow is interested specifically in maintaining the highest value military reasons of national power — in other words, relatively speaking, in arms, and not to disarm. Specifically military power ensures national security of the Russian Federation and the status of the majestic power. Without the military capabilities of countries have requested a second-rate, poor government;
— Russia will inevitably be obliged to give preference to a "cheap" and the usual military-technical solutions and methods of warfare, with more advanced enemy. You can even read that it is in and will have to consist Russian "Unconventional" ("perpendicular") response to the West an advantage — Our home is fully able to answer specific concentration of firepower and massing of forces able to neutralize the Western "high-tech" methods of warfare. In technical terms, for example, this could mean that in the absence of the need for the Russian army in the "Intervention" RF able to rely on a more languid and well-protected armored vehicle platforms than Western;
— for Russia as before critically crucial saves a nuclear weapon, which plays the role of the "great equalizer" of its forces from the western world. Global total nuclear disarmament until completely unacceptable to Moscow;
— overall strategy of the Russian Federation and its military build-up, apparently, will inevitably have to be based on the desire for the greatest use of "asymmetric" the reasons that could devalue the West an advantage. Here we can mention the introduction of the vastness and depth of the state territory of Russia, resource self-sufficiency, sustainability social structures, the possibility of significant accumulations of military reserves and the massing of forces and means.

So Makar, Our homeland is doomed to a rather limited in regard to the doctrinal military construction. Direct imitation of the modern Western military systems necessarily all the qualities of irrational and can be fatal.

On the other hand, in the case of the orientation of the Russian military construction first on the decision by the military conflicts in the former Soviet Union and to establish hegemony over the former Russian republics can read about some analogies Russian advantages in the post-Soviet space in the same definitions of both military and integral power. This allows Moscow to extrapolate to some extent in their favor, and "mirror your" South American ways of the advantages and merits of waging war on the post-Soviet space. In fact, the elements of this approach are seen in the currently ongoing in Russia military reform aimed at creating a new branch of the armed forces.

But for all that our homeland is able to provide its military an advantage over the former Soviet republics and the classic old-fashioned way of war, as was demonstrated in August 2008 in Georgia.

It can be noted that the main principles of the RF military organization and military construction will inevitably be quite distinctive and be flexible and adaptable to the constantly emerging realities blend of conventional (aimed at the massing of forces and firepower) and modern (network-centric) approaches.

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