Victims over the banks of the river in Bolivia, 34 people were

At least 34 people were killed by the withdrawal of the banks of the river in the south-eastern Bolivia at the end of last week, according to AFP.

According to local authorities, in the early hours of Saturday Mollepunku river burst its banks and the water swept stretch of highway on which at the time were moving bus and truck. As a result, the vehicles were in the water together with the passengers.

So far rescuers have found 34 bodies, 13 people were rescued. According to police, several passengers are listed as missing.

The incident occurred on the evening of Friday, January 28, in the department of Chuquisaca, Pampauasi city, which is located 700 kilometers from the capital of Bolivia, La Paz.

Mollepunku floods was caused by heavy rains.

Recall that in neighboring Brazil due to rain before the regime was declared emergencies in 70 cities in the south. Strong rains in the region for more than two weeks. Precipitation provoked strong rise in water levels in rivers, flooded residential neighborhoods.

In the state of Rio de Janeiro, the heavy rains began at the end of last year, has become a veritable flood in early January.

The victim of the disaster was already 791 people listed as missing 430 inhabitants. Another 20,000 people were rendered homeless as a result of natural disaster.

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