Vitaly Taras

On the night of January 18 after a long and serious illness died a famous Belarusian writer, member of the Belarusian PEN Centre, the Union of Belarusian Writers and the Belarusian Association of Journalists, a former employee of Radio Liberty Vitaly Taras. May 6 he would have been 55 years old.

He was born into a family of intellectuals Minsk. Father Valentine was a poet, translator, journalist, mother of Regina has long worked in television, Yefim grandfather left his mark in the Belarusian art. The choice of profession, life principles and public opinion for Vitali was driven by education and tribal traditions. Recalls sakursnik by the Faculty of Journalism and a friend for life Sergei Dubovets.

Sergei Dubovets

"For me, Vitali was a model of another example of a specialist. When I wanted to be like someone in the profession, so it is to him. So at all — it was one of the most the best people I knew. I must say that Vitali was my godson, so this is a personal loss for me. "

Vitaly Taras spent some time working on Belarusian television, in the newspapers, "Literature and Art", "Culture", Russian "General Gazette," the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty. After returning from Prague to Minsk collaborated with the weekly "Nasha Niva". Says editor-in-chief of "Nasha Niva" Dynko:

"Vitaly Taras was a model of principle. As soon as possible, he boldly chose to work in the independent media. Later, he will make another important choice — he will return to Belarus and goes to work with" Our Niva "and underground publications. This made little money, and underground publications were risks, and yet he felt that in this situation, that is, it must do it. It was a unique writer with a style that can not be confused with anybody. Cherished memory! "

Selected publications were two books. "Habitual evil" came out in 2006, and the "Chronicle of Current Events" Vitaly released in February 2010, dedicating it to the memory of his father.

The last two and a half years he had lived with a diagnosis-sentence, but that it did not break. Says a friend, singer and journalist Dmitry Bartosik:

Vitaly Taras and Dmitriy Bartosik

"He lived a full life is full of creativity in full in the home. We often met, we talked, we laughed, we sang. He was very indifferent to everything, especially with regard to the future of Belarus. He never allowed himself to whine, to despair" .

Vitaly Taras wife Elena remembered how once, when he was driving to work in Prague in the edition of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, colleagues gave him a straw hat and sandals as a symbol of an early return to their homeland.

"And he came back, and a hat on Letnitsa hanging on Bald Mountain, and in sandals is a little holes, but failed to communicate them — life is short turned out for Vitali."

Parting with Vitaly Taras begin Jan. 19 at noon at home on the street Red, 3-22. Bury him in the capital of the Northern Cemetery.

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