Vladimir Putin at the Jewish Museum held a meeting of the Council on International Relations Russia

Vladimir Putin said today about the friendship between peoples. The center was tolerance Council on International Relations. The president has shown an impressive exhibition of the Jewish Museum. Head of the State lit a candle in memory of Holocaust victims.

On the presidential tour — a report by Vadim Hulanhova:

There once was a fashion showroom Dasha Zhukova. And now — the full story of the people. Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to the present. Jewish Museum in Moscow is not even half a year, it opened in November. But it seems that his main aim — to prove that the ancient people with age-old traditions are not alien to modern technology. That the Torah is read not on parchment scrolls, and with the interactive system.

This is generally a unique place, had come to tell the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center president. Interactive map of Jewish settlement and historic photos in barrels of fare — a tribute to the fashion museum. But most importantly, in Russia it is the first such. Where is the Jewish town of antiquity restored and Soviet cuisine, where jokes told. But Vladimir Putin delayed at panoramas of the Great Patriotic War and the beginning of the Holocaust. At the memorial to victims of the Russian leader lights a candle.

Opening the meeting of the council after that on interethnic relations, the president will say, our Jewish Museum Israel better be. The main thing — an important task: teaching, strengthens agreement multinational Russia. This problem is also facing state strategy of national policy, which now makes the government. To find what unites us. Here, the Russian language, for example.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president: "The attention of the Russian language — this is such a seemingly natural thing. But it seems at times that we underestimate the importance of this phenomenon for our country and for our state. One is that this is a given, such as air, and it itself will continue to exist and develop. But if you and I look at some of the towns, somewhere on the outskirts of the Russian Federation, not sure that we will find the same knowledge of the language, as in the cities. And by the way it destroys the country. "

That's why the native language support separate federal program. In 3 years it will spend two and a half billion. Need to make sure that every citizen of Russia knew him speaks excellent president. A Language Day (aka — Pushkin's birthday) was a real feast of a large country. More unity keeps history. This means that every student must study the past in one history book.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president: You may want to think about the common history textbooks for Russian high school, designed for different ages, but built into a single concept, under a single logic of continuous Russian history, the relationship of all its stages, and respect to all the pages of our past ".

With a history of schoolchildren and the truth — the real problem, complain council members. To understand this, just read the essays. The meeting is done (see video).

The state should support the community members involved in inter-ethnic issues, said Putin. This allows the new NGO law, there are presidential grants. We have to do national sports are world renowned and strive to ensure that they became Olympic. And a calendar of historical events, once united nation must also be unique, said Putin.

Finally the head of state is asking for the Schneerson Collection — a collection of books of the Jewish Hasidic community Habbat from the U.S.. Collect its chapters flow started in Russia. Some books nationalized tips, the rest went first to the Nazis, and after the victory, taken to Moscow among the trophies. Hasidim are demanding the return of books and manuscripts in the courts for years. Vladimir Putin today said the property is a Russian and the issuance of non-negotiable. But it may well complete your collection of the Jewish Museum in Moscow, the president said.

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