Voracious moth destroys chestnuts

21.07.11.Edinstvennoe tree in Kramatorsk, yellowing and falling in the middle of the summer — the horse chestnut. Kramatorchan many this has not just surprised and shocked.

This phenomenon is repeated for the third year in a row. Some kramatorchane believe that the reason is the heat, while others believe that the blame for radiation, it is the consequences of Chernobyl.

However, according to experts, the main reason for drying chestnuts — the activity of chestnut leaf-mining moth.

With a significant defeat leaves mine eaten at the Chestnut Tree begins summer leaf fall. Trees with damaged leaves and, especially, chipped crown, can not properly prepare and move the winter, so the next year even more susceptible to pests. In a few years some of these trees are killed.

Mine the mole has long struck almost all the chestnuts in Kramatorsk, and not only — it is slowly spreading across Ukraine. There are two ways to get rid of this moth — physical and chemical. That is, the parasite can be killed in the autumn, all gathered under the trees the leaves, without exception, in which the larvae hibernate, and destroy them. Each tree or make chemical injection. However, both methods are not feasible in our city because of high expenses. So soon Kramatorsk may remain without chestnuts.


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