Weather Center warns of abnormal cold weather in central Russia

Abnormally cold weather with temperatures of 7-10, in places up to 15 degrees below normal expected throughout the Central Federal District (CFD) February 9-13, said the Russian meteorologist.

"At night, the temperature will drop to minus 23-29 degrees, sometimes down to minus 30-35 degrees at night, the prevailing temperature is minus 16-22 degrees," — said meteorologists.

As noted by the Office, the cause of a new wave of cold will be a rare form of circulation in the atmosphere — the second in the last ten days of deep tropospheric cyclone, the center of which is located on the lower reaches of the Volga. Its area is sinking cold air from the troposphere.

"This is very cold vortex moves slowly to the north-west, from Thursday to Sunday, it will be located over areas of the Central Federal District. On Thursday, he will be in the south-east of the territory, on Saturday close to the center and turn to the north-northeast , on Tuesday moved to the east of the Vologda region ", — said the meteorologist.

As we approach the cyclone will increase cloud cover and will snow, from weak to moderate. The prevailing temperatures in the Central Federal District, on Thursday and Friday night minus 19-26, in places up to minus 32, minus the 14-19 day, from Saturday to Monday night minus 22-29, in places up to minus 34, minus 16-22 degrees during the day . Pressure will fall slightly, but still remain higher than normal.

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