Weather in central Russia in the first days of October will be unstable

In the first days of October in the center of European Russia are expected to unstable weather — in some areas, rains at night frosts are possible, but the temperature will be above normal, according to the weather center.

"By continuing to gradually increase the relative humidity over long periods of cloudy weather will be, in some places will form fog. But do not rule out the possibility for a short time to see the sun. Become more significant fluctuations in atmospheric pressure," — said in a statement.

According to forecasters, sunny weather associated with an anticyclone leaves the center of Russia, in the north-west of Europe came to Atlantic cyclone, which is why the Central Federal District came warm air.

"The maximum temperature on Friday (18-23 degrees south to 27 degrees) in many areas (in the south, center and east of the territory) is significantly above the norm and will be close to the absolute maximum, and the number of stations may update their values" , — the weather center.

However, the heat will be short-lived — in the region will need a cold atmospheric front, the passage of which will be accompanied by rain, which in some places — in the Smolensk and Tver region — can be strong.

On Saturday, there will be no rain, temperatures in the area will range from 10 to 17 degrees in the south — 20 degrees. On Sunday, the temperature will not change, but the weather will continue to change rapidly — will again be sealed because of the cloud cover new cyclone, which will move from the Baltic Sea to the south-east.

"On the first day of October, sometimes even rains. Pressure will grow rapidly. Recent gusty north-westerly winds in the rear of the cyclone will not even in the middle of the day the temperature rise above 9-15 degrees, but in the south can still be up to 18 degrees," — Weather Service reported.

Tuesday night will be cooler in some places is not without frost, the day will warm up to 11-18 degrees.

In the following days until the weekend the weather will affect atmospheric fronts a series of Atlantic storms. Against the background of gradually falling atmospheric pressure is expected prevalence of cloudy weather with light rain. Prevailing daytime temperatures 9-16 degrees in the south district — up to 19 degrees.

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