Weather is crazy

In recent weeks, the weather in Lithuania to mind frightening predictions of scientists on global warming and the horrors that followed him. Worldwide weather forecasters fix anomalies. On the Canadian border in an American town temperatures broke all records by jumping under 50 degrees. In Russia, which has never happened before tornado, a hurricane blew Blagoveshchensk, still raging forest fires. In Lithuania, the tornado brought down trees and power lines, and sometimes hail the size of a quail's egg.

Storm force spared

Last week, many Lithuanians were frozen in a daze and found the strength, only to turn on the camera mobile phones. Siauliai and the entire northern part of the country's tortured real tornado. News portals in live time were unable to upload more and more pictures of Tumult.

Delfi readers have sent in pictures of site the ruined trees and crumpled homes. Whirlwind inflicted considerable damage — one of the records you can see how he tore the wire power lines and tore off the roof.

Here and there in areas urgently convened by the Commission under emergency situations. Tornado did not come alone. Wind raged in the town Ginkunai, turned trailer truck, tore signs with tree branches on the road.

The most affected company "Ginkunes agricultural firm." The wind not only destroyed buildings, but almost leveled unused stables and farm.

The employees who worked on its territory, rushed to find a place to hide. They were lucky to get away. A machine worker Aleksandras Ivoshkyavichyusa who tried to leave the place, dropped the trailer. The man was not injured, but the glass in the car smashed.

Due to the wires collapsed structures and other items were left without electricity for nearly 15,000 customers in Siauliai district.

Information about victims to doctors have been reported. A few hours after the violence of elements without electricity in Siauliai region were about 1,000 customers.

The World Turned

In the U.S., abnormally hot weather was a real disaster. Russian news anxiously reported that the list of victims for more than 20 people, and all the air temperature is not reduced. Chile has very different complexity: this July was the country one of the most cold and snowy. Europe, meanwhile, is trying to cope with the effects of a powerful thunderstorm.

Channel "Vesti" It was said that the temperature in the U.S. reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the shade and very high humidity. Hundreds of people were hospitalized with heat and sunstroke. Residents recommend that you stay at home, drink plenty of water and avoid exercise.

Anticyclone covered almost half of the U.S.. In total, the National Weather July recorded at least thousands of temperature records. Heat wave coming to the East Coast.

And in Chile, the current July was the coldest in the last ten years. In the South American country is winter, but so frosty and snowy weather utilities were not ready. Several settlements literally cut off from the outside world, on the streets of two-meter drifts. The thermometer fell to — 20 degrees. The heating system is not maintained, the hot water either. Problems with the delivery of humanitarian aid. The roads are blocked, snowplows missing. The worst affected areas have been declared a disaster area.

Struggling with the consequences of bad weather in Europe. A powerful storm front has passed yesterday on the territory of Poland. Heavy rains accompanied by gale-force winds. Were damaged dozens of homes. Several cities, including Warsaw, flooded. There are dead and wounded.

The same cyclone added work and emergency services Czech Republic. The hurricane left without a roof over his head for at least a hundred people. Rivers burst their banks, submerged basements and ground floors of buildings. According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the next few days the weather does not improve.

Last year's lesson

These anomalies can be observed in the past year. "Lithuanian Courier" then wrote that, according to forecasters, nothing good is not warming Lithuania.

"The increase in temperature will lead to a change of climate. Native vegetation is not adapted to this and will gradually die. After that affected animals who are unable to adapt so quickly to the changing environment. Will the migration of birds, changes deep rivers. Blossom water, they will not be enough oxygen. Fish will die "- told us then head of the department of climatology Hydrometeorological Service of Lithuania, Dr. Audrone Gavlonayte.

"Recently, we have already experienced the effects of climate changes. Several years were atypical snowless winters, this year July temperatures were above normal by 4-5 degrees, which corresponds to the subtropical climate. As a result of temperature fluctuations and their large storm swept across the region, rainfall. And this trend. If it persists, the number of disasters increased in Lithuania ", — she said.
According to recent projections, Aug. anything good we did not appreciate. Changing weather will remain the same swift: the heat will be replaced by heavy rain and thunderstorms, and the dance of cyclones and anticyclones repeat storms and heavy wind.

Many people associate the latest global scene, including such unusual weather with the arrival of the last times. Whether they are right or not likely to know only the great mastrera. But for a man, nothing is impossible, as the obstacles to true knowledge. Perhaps an excellent first step will be the reading of the article or the Way of Shambhala in dreamland. You always have to begin, in fact, the wave is possible that this way — just for you.

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