«Weird or anti-world case of prophetic dreams»

Dreamed that I was in a hotel in the city of Arkhangelsk. I reality there never was. And the dream was it the first time. In no waking and no navy I have not had the circumstances and cases that have been associated with the Archangel.

Even I was a little surprised, I remember: why would it Archangel? But knew that it was he — or rather, a place under it — although it is unclear where, as in a dream happen.

I was in a hotel lobby, he had a glass wall in front of me was a beautiful panorama of the great bend of the river. (Perhaps it was the Northern Dvina. Sleeping never thought about it, and on awakening emerged in the memory: the only river of the places that could be similar to my vision.) Opposite shore was low, gray and receding into the distance. The sky over the river — pale gray. And the white water … the sight could not take my eyes! While looking through some had misted glass hall damps details.

I wanted to go outside to the eye does not occur at all, no noise. Before the hotel was found enclosed terrace. It was around the same slope, cut by ravines and all covered with snow. Not completely white, however, and with a sort of a little bit of subtle gray — snow very early spring. And it ran narrow path. No one on them was not.

Suddenly, I realized that one of the paths quickly moves a being. Saw. And define hearing. I found this kind of feeling, which is in dreams. And is, I should say, consistent, five local.

"The Sixth Sense" has informed me and the size of the beast, with about a wolf. On the terrace of the envelope path he ran up. And I watched the way his eyes, he was not seeing. (As we look toward the sound source. But here supervisor was not a rumor, and this "sixth sense.")

Invisible beast was not really, but, as I said a moment later. Short black strip in parallel to the movement of it, was visible, moves over the snow.

He disappeared from view, perched somewhere above. Perhaps it is the subsequent events that played out in the dream was the cause of prudent escape it.

I also wanted to take a walk along the paths. I walked a considerable distance from the hotel, down towards the river. Her sudden storm broke. Milky white water changed to a dark gray. Huge lacking foam wave zigzag went from coast to coast. Spray rivers collide, twisting time warp, and vents them carried on the rapids …

Suddenly I noticed a complex subject, which carried over to the almost unimaginable speed. From this, which may be only a small mountain river waters. (And, by the way, the direction of movement of the object and water jets led to the conclusion: this is also the right bank of the river was high and steep, and the left flat — as the rivers waking.) When an object brought close enough for me to consider it in detail, I saw before me a floating dock, which disrupted the flow. Rectangular in shape, with a white canopy. And attached to her boat — a small orange.

And the boat was moving people. He untied her and tried to get her to the shore, which I watched. He almost succeeded, but the boat suddenly capsized and immediately capsized. She and whoever it was, disappeared over the ledge of the cliff, carried along by the current.

I saw I can not afford to go down to the water, because it was an open and very high pitch. Then I decided to go back to the hotel and talk about what happened. Maybe there are tools available to contact those who are able to help.

Rising to the point where the coastal slope obliquely crossing the gully, I saw a rush moving from the upper river dreadful hurricane. Yet the air was quiet around me, but there is higher, he drove to a river wave, standing nodule. And the banks swept snow. I saw last year exposed faded grass. As if folded huge white carpet, promptly … I thought that the wind will blow me easily down the slope like a feather.

I was lucky I was able to go down to the bottom of the ravine when he arrives. And there I felt the force of the wind, but the danger was gone.

However, the hurricane prevented me to the other side of the ravine. Its pressure is leaving no room to climb up — I was pinned like a sink. Yet something was trying to do, moving along at least, if I do not get up. And suddenly felt support.

In the Ravine was dark when the storm went over him, and not once I have considered that, is this support. It was a wooden floor — sort of a very long ship's gangway — arranged from the bottom edge of the ravine before. The entire length of the deck was installed wooden braces. They looked like a series of stages of the fire escape. I began to rise slowly, stepping on him and grabbing at their hands.

The entire tree was a beautiful silver color. That is exactly always look wooden north, if they are exposed for long periods to moist winds. The wind did not abate the top, by the way, is his strength continued to be felt.

But, despite this, I was going up. And I realized that, for sure, I can get by using this construction. And somehow, all of a sudden it's knowledge is hard: in this success lies some very significant victory!

And this knowledge, I woke up.

Highlight: In the morning of that day, I learned that we had, all of a sudden, a new business partner. But just as it was handed to me, far away … in Arkhangelsk.

I repeat: do not ever up to this case, this city does not appear on my horizon in any way. But here, in the dream clearly designated as a place of action — immediately he showed up in reality. Sleep, more clearly and speed found himself as a prophetic, I happened to see. Which can in this sense be said about his experiences? Not conclude whether they are themselves also a prediction? This information I do not have. Perhaps it will provide future. Then I recorded all of these events in such detail.

Hypothesis, which is held in high esteem in mystical circles have several centuries: the events that take place on the ground — are formed primarily to the astral plane. Above us nadstoit a world — a "thin" as it is sometimes called — and condense images matrix. They descend from it to the ground, that is, in this world, where compacted and materialize. The history of humanity is a series of similar implementations.

Recently, an interesting addition to the scheme introduced American novelist Stephen King. He postulated the existence of a world are lower than ours. There are already committed in our razuplotnyaetsya gradually until it disappears completely. A sort of world-cleaner, populated mystical vultures, astral recovery … As a result the scheme, which opens seeing, acquired symmetry.

King expressed this idea of the astral, so to say, anti-world in the story "The Langoliers." In 1995 it was filmed. There next story: a few people from our world accidentally fall into this realm of decay and finds it resembles hell … A similar idea was used by Ivan Turgenev in 1878. It is given in a concentrated and very clearly in his prose poem, titled "The End of the world. A dream. "

That's right, it was a dream of Turgenev. Here and "crux". Perhaps the reader has already born the question we are discussing the case of Prophecy dreams, and then the details of the structure of the astral world and its interaction with our? The answer is clear, if you think of another one of the hypotheses of the mystics. Which are considered as the dream journey, committed to the astral world. Folded this look together with those mentioned above, we can see that in our dreams can really get to know the future.

But why, then prophesy of them, not all? Causes of at least two. Not every dream is an astral travel. Of those that they are owned by a large proportion, probably, excursions into the astral anti-world, where, of course, not syschetsya material prophecies.

There are many stories of dreamers dalyam wandering in the desert, where things seemed to run out of steam. All print decay and corruption … Probably all of thorough and clearly describe the scope of this proceeding to being Andrew Lazarchuk. In his novel "Trankvilium" she called dusty world. There are other indications that the astral antiworld opened Ivan Turgenev during one of his' dreams of travel, as has long been courted currently dedicated and meticulous researchers.

But to return to the prophecies, which can be received in dreams. The Russian land from ancient treated so seriously. On them were composed of tradition. I heard one of them in the town of Terek in 1997. We stayed there the night before climbing Elbrus. And now, for the evening meal the conversation turned on the antiquities of this mountainous region. Among other things, the hostess, Cossack, told us about a legend Beloyarov sleep.

Beads (IV c. AD), Prince Beloyarov ancient family, was awarded a wonderful dream at the age of 12 years. He thought a man with a face and hands and radiant, dressed in white. And Belojar knew what he sees in front of him the Son of the Heavenly Svarog. Who was the firstborn of all the people and the gods. [?] And Beloyarov husband said, "You — repeat my way."

Son was told the wise men, and remember that twenty thousand years ago appeared Svarog progenitor Russ Aria and predicted future incarnation of His Son, and made Russa serve him. [?] And remember, too, that four centuries ago held lands Ruskolani God-inspired man named Andrew and taught that realization occurred, and called to be baptized in the name of Jesus, which said basically all that the ancient legends foretold about Dazhdbog.

"You repeat my way," has been heard in a dream prince, and that's what happened to him. Bus dubbed the waters of the river con-like Jesus in the Jordan. Booth professed God Triune God — the Great Triglav or, as we say now, the Holy Trinity — and called it by right doctrine. In doing so he not only decried the Vedic worship of the gods, but fervently patronized him. Booth believed Christianity is not the execution of the Old Testament, but much more ancient Vedic prophecies. He increased the size of the principality of his so that it extended to the lands of the Altai, the Caucasus and the Dnieper. And everywhere exalted Christians. And the glory of the deeds Beloyarov came to St. John Chrysostom, that he wrote at that time: "Scythians (Rousseau) and Sarmatians, translating the Scriptures, each in its own language, philosophize about yet uncircumcised."

Belojar beads appeared to Ruskolani thus that Constantine the Great — for Byzantium. [?] Scale were no less. And yet — just like his illustrious contemporary — Bus does not retreat from the faith of their ancestors. On the contrary, it was then that he received the highest degree of Vedic initiation: Prompted began. And in this newly discovered predicted fate. The king and high priest disciples called because Christ himself, prisovokuplyaya with high priest after the order of Aaron's not (Jewish), but after the order of Melchizedek (ievuseyskomu ie drevnevedicheskomu), as can be seen, for example, from the Epistle of St. Paul "to Jews "(Hebrews, 7:11).

And what was the result of the earthly life of this ruler, whose exploits Konstantinovy surpassed even the legendary King Arthur (also a contemporary Booth). On Ruskolan in 368 year made war Amal Vinitar, barbarian. And in his first encounter Bus army crushed. And Vinitar vowed revenge scary, and collecting new and this time managed to win. And caught Booth captured. And gave him a cruel punishment: crucifixion. "You repeat my way" … The legend says that the disciples saw Beloyarov even his transformation of White Mountain (Elbrus), just as Christ was transfigured on Mount Tabor.

There are other stories about the prophets of the dreams that came from the depths of antiquity. One of these was included in the "Lay." Full of bizarre characters of the great dreams of Prince Svyatoslav learn about disasters that theirs will be the Russian land. Prophesying a dream — and also sinister — visited Prince Mal, and information about that were captured in the "Chronicler Pereyaslavl Suzdal."

Detailed descriptions of prophetic dreams, which were sacred — as "thin" and ordinary night — contains every Orthodox Christian Otechnik (Lives). And today, to believers saved in your dreams seriously. One of the songs of Hieromonk Roman, our contemporary, begins, as you know, "I had a dream — a very strange dream …"

What explains this belief in prophetic dreams, which is present throughout our millennial history? Perhaps it was the fact that they come true. And many, in all ages could tell cases like I described at the beginning. And the cost would probably — in this light — take seriously the descriptions of prophetic dreams, prophesying about the rise in Russia's third royal dynasty, reported recently often appear on the Internet.

Dmitry Loginov

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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