What can not be said in the Diet Tatiana Seviarynets

Mother arrested in the KGB detention center policy had to leave on January 12 from Minsk to Warsaw to speak in the Diet on the Belarusian issue — talk about political repression after the presidential elections on 19 December. But an hour before the train was detained by KGB.

According to Tatyana Seviarynets, KGB officers came to her when she had gone to the station. They presented her agenda to the investigator by the name of Sanko and said that it must be questioned as a witness in a criminal case on the riots in Minsk on December 19.

The detention took place at 19:40, and the building of the KGB, it was released only in 22.45. And at the KGB remained passport Mrs. Seviarynets. She says that the passport was an employee, who did not name himself, but introduced a psychologist. If the investigator questioning ended, the psychologist said, he wants even speak to an activist, but Tatiana Seviarynets refused to continue the conversation. And the employee who initially did not introduce a passport activist output has not returned.

Since the measures of the KGB prevented her get to Warsaw, Tatiana Seviarynets appealed to independent media to spread my speech is heard in the Diet on January 13, for objective reasons.

"Dear Sirs, For 16 years, as Belarus is transformed into a police state with a dictatorial regime.

None of us in what can not be sure. Each one of us at any moment may come with a search warrant or subpoena for questioning, catch up on the street and throw in a "paddy", in spite of the state of health or the personal plans nor children, nor their age.

This is how my son Seviarynets Pavel K., on the night of 20.12.2010 was imprisoned KGB prison — the worst prison in Belarus. He was arrested after a peaceful protest on Independence Square, where the Belarusian people sought to express their attitude towards the presidential elections held.

Testify to the international community that all of the information that are distributed in the official media of the good conditions of detention of citizens, including and my son, do not correspond to reality. Letters neither to them nor they are not getting through, lawyers do not have the capacity to meet them, unreasonably restricted list of foods allowed for transmission are not allowed meeting with family members.

Similarly, I was detained for an hour before the train to Warsaw, where it is supposed to take part in a meeting of the Sejm with the performance of the true state of human rights in Belarus. 12.01.2011 caused by unknown persons, who identified themselves as employees of the KGB, and the investigator Sanko Ivan Ivanovich, who had exceeded his authority, I missed the train "Minsk-Warsaw" has lost money for the tickets, received damages. In addition, an unknown KGB officer who accompanied me through the corridors of the agency, stole my passport. Was everything to prevent free speech free citizen in a free country!

I call upon the international community to do everything possible to ensure that the human rights situation in Belarus has changed and conform to international standards of a democratic society! "

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