What do we tell the cosmic mind?


Text: Nicholas BLYZNYUK

Photo: Nick BLYZNYUK

— The world is arranged quite differently, as we were taught in school, — the Doctor of Science, Head of the Department of Pyatigorsk State Technological University Ivan Pershin.

The fact that in space there is an information field, many guessed. But Ivan Mitrofanovich colleagues managed to capture and record the specific signals of the field …

Cells hear and speak

Perhaps no area of research is not covered by such a cloak of secrecy, mystery and rumor, as the impact of information on living organisms. In many countries there are private institutions that are trying to find out the nature of this impact. Subjects and their results hold for the seven seals. The reason is clear: those who possess the means of such exposure, he will be able to impose its will not only individuals, but whole nations. Science-fiction writers paint a picture: an evil genius with a device he invented the brain scans of one man, and then sends the resulting matrix in the brain of the other. And the person subjected to the exposure of man is exactly like a "prototype."

Fortunately, while a similar cloning person we have not heard. But the messages that are carried out successful experiments on the effects of information on the life of the cells appear. And Ph.D., member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Ivan Pershin, and his colleagues in the department — such as MD, a prominent specialist in the field of factor analysis of Vladimir Utkin, tend to think that it is not empty talk.

— Our cells "talk" at a frequency of 300 megahertz to gigahertz. If this frequency information and sends one cell perceive it, they will move in accordance with this information, — said scientists.

Voice space and time

It's one thing when living organisms purposefully influence of any research institute or a secret CIA lab, and quite another when all things permeates the information coming from outer space. Last fundamentally changes our understanding of the Universe.

… It would seem that in the past two to three decades, high-energy physics, astrophysics, cosmology reached previously unimaginable heights, are very close to creating a complete picture of the Universe. Inexplicable from the point of view of modern science, are the very first moment — millionths of a second — after the Big Bang, the path of "grand unification" of all interactions yes heels of physical constants. For example, the fine structure constant is 1/137, 03599976. If there had been a little less than it is, and the periodic table, and therefore the world would be filled in completely different elements. If there had been a little more — and no elements were not able to be aware of: the repulsive force of the protons would burst the nuclei of atoms.

Where did such an incredible accuracy? Discussion on this field for decades cross swords theists and atheists.

Another mystery — visionaries. As much as we may feel about this, but the predictions of Nostradamus, Vanga thousands of other prophets of all time convincing: there are some — as yet unknown — channels that allow to extract information about the probabilities of the future, mentally penetrate through time and space.

And … that's a professor of Pyatigorsk State Technological University Ivan Pershin turns me into a small laboratory system analysis includes a computer, the screen will appear intricate figures: one, two, three … It is likely that at this moment I touch the most grandiose mystery of the universe — the cosmic mind .

Through fashion phase and orthogonal functions

Ivan Mitrofanovich once admitted, he doubts of my ideas — is popular to talk about the opening of Pyatigorsk scientists — something happens. Translated into everyday language that describes the language of higher mathematics and computer science, is almost impossible. Yes, and I, after flipped Pershyn monograph "Analysis and synthesis of distributed parameter systems," hands went down: one three-story half-page formula are worth! And yet …

We used that any signal based on the received point and the point of change and all occur only in time. But Pershin and colleagues hypothesized that the information can be packaged and otherwise — in the spatial forms (modes). For mathematics is a doable task. And even technologically possible today to pack a huge amount of information in a certain spatial form — for example, in a virtual three-dimensional sphere. But then this com unstick how to pull information from a seemingly solid mash? Besides math says that space is not our usual three measurements — length, width and height, and not even four, if you add to the first three times, in which we are accustomed to seeing the world, and much more. Consequently, the spatial form is incredibly difficult.

But there is a saving in mathematics clue as orthogonal functions, ie functions such changes that do not affect other functions of the system. Here Pershin and suggested that a multi-dimensional spatial mode in which information is packaged, there are many virtual "normals", each of which has orthogonal bases. That is posted on any of these "normals" information may be separated without affecting the rest. Thus was born the mathematical model. But would like to check whether it is true.

— One day we were sitting here with our experienced staff, the winner of the State Prize of Victor Babenko, — says Ivan Mitrofanovich. — I uttered, saying that it would be good to build a device that would have caught the signal in many places at once, that is, in the spatial form. And Victor G. in response: "You can try." And he built. And together with the candidate of technical sciences Alexei Voronin, we have built a system for processing spatial cues.

Solo for wooden box

Kill me, but I can not take seriously a small wooden box on the table in the laboratory of Ivan Pershin: a device that can capture the signals of the information field of space? But it turns out, his unprepossessing — one of the essential requirements are met: there must be no metal bolts and scrapie. On each of the four wooden plates inside of the box is set to 16 different directions of tiny antennas. This results in a cube that measures the information directly into 64 points. Box itself stuck in a grounded metal safe. Included and … gasp!

The signal from the antenna 64 was introduced into the computer, which with the help of the developed system of information processing allocated space forms. 27 found a box in the third degree of spatial forms (modes) of information transfer. Two of them, selected experimenters began receiving information modulated in a three-dimensional space. Specially used channel with a carrier frequency of 1.5 kHz (at this frequency does not transmit signals, no antenna in the world), set the appropriate filters.

First impression — Information on the chosen spatial mode is similar to the speech, but only very concise. Something like the squeak of bats. When her hundreds of times slowed down and translated into visual form, the scientists appeared clearly gated, that is divided into independent segments visuals.

— Look — shows on the screen Ivan Mitrofanovich. — One picture. Silk — the other, silk — the third. As if someone turns the pages of the book or change. In nature, such a sudden change does not happen. There's a pulse smoothly into another. And if it is an explosion, then a one-off. Also in nature is usually present amplitude modulation and phase here. All this suggests that this signal someone purposefully created.

Heard. Now you have to understand

The fact that in the outside world, there is packed into the spatial modes specifically designed information, Ivan Pershin and his colleagues have no doubt. Moreover, they are confident in the reliability and created computer models: the space consists entirely of "virtual information boxes" that overlap, include one in the other. Changing the information on any one side of the box immediately leads to the transformation of her all over the "box", even if it extends from one end of the universe to the other.

— But where the information comes and it means that we do not yet understand, — says Ivan Mitrofanovich.

There are scientists at the Pyatigorsk State Technological University idea — to create a more sensitive spatial antenna, adjust it to the frequency that the human brain perceives, and try to identify, and, perhaps, to decipher the signals that the information field affects the human race.

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