What is Earthlings Comet Lulin that February 24 was shining for us especially bright green?


Last Tuesday, comet C/2007 N3 Lulin, discovered in 2006-2007, the Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers CHUAN Chih E and Chi Sheng Lin, flew as close to the Earth — a distance of 61 million kilometers. Telescopes all observatories watching her intently, and scientists agree: "Lulin" — exceptionally strange! But there are experts who believe that this is not a comet at all. Details of the "West" said Yuri LIR — Eniology who studies the interaction between man and the universe.

Abnormal and caudate
Official data on the "Lulin" flown into our solar system from a fantastically distant worlds are scarce, but even they split the scientific astronomical world.

Half of the experts believe that "Lulin" until recently was with two tails: one consisting of dust and stones, "looking" in the direction of the Sun, and the second, from the plasma, twisted in the opposite direction — to the Earth. February 4 "Lulin" met with the region disturbances of the magnetic field of the Sun, and its plasma tail came off.

And the other half of astronomers is sure: "Lulin" — with a tail, though he twisted enough — "on the contrary" and girded like a comet.

But the first and second, scientists are convinced that previously SUCH comets in our solar system do not fly!

— The fact that on February 24 flew close to the Earth, it looks like a comet, has properties similar to a comet, but … If you analyze the quirks and peculiarities of behavior "Lulin", it becomes clear that things are not so simple with the natural origin of the space object — says known Latvian Eniology Yuri LIR. — First, let's deal with tails. Any astronomer will tell you: tails of comets do not fly off as it happened with "Lulin"! We are dealing with an anomaly.

UFO approaching?
— What came off the pictures looks like a trail of whether the plasma formation, or — a short … jet exhaust — continues Eniology. — A tails "comet", in fact, not one or two. Abnormally and that they are spaced apart in opposite directions. And phenomenal form "Lulin". Flying objects are too symmetrical to be called a "comet": ellipsoidal shape with a pointed both ways, of which, in fact, are emitted "tails."

When I read the data that is shared with me the staff of astrophysical observatories in other countries, just remembered another comet — about C2004/Q2. About four years ago, it said almost all the astronomers of the world. It did not disclose the secret to this day. C2004/Q2 — with two tails. But for a long time she did not have tails than surprised scientists. Indeed, any other comet, being at a certain distance from the sun, always acquires a tail! And suddenly tails arising from the radiation of a particular comet's head, began to form at high speed! Under the influence of the Sun on the body C2004/Q2 stood two streams with different electromagnetic matter …

Who is to blame for the epidemic of influenza?
— General glow of the comet was green. And that's because a "coincidence." "Lulin" — also green! — Emphasizes the source. — The color of the same shade as some terrestrial microorganisms — viruses and bacteria, which are not present to humanity. It's safe to say that a flu outbreak with severe exacerbations — one of the consequences of "work", "Lulin"! There is such a thing — the spectral response. Green comet came into resonance with the viruses and bacteria that have a greenish variety of natural radiation — and abruptly opened them.

Given the incredible uniqueness of almost all the parameters "comet", you can expect to see in the Earth's atmosphere (and is in our organisms) new types of virus-like "test" of health. Most likely, they will have a strong striking factors that affect (and already touched!) Activity of the liver and gall bladder, immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems …

We are waiting for "the nervous spring"
— But the "comet" is not with us today arrived! — Continues to Yuri Lear. — It is a long time for our solar system wanders, just astronomers were able to photograph it only in 2006, and a year later — to identify the picture. February 24 "Lulin" flew as close to the Earth. But the distance in kilometers is not important, what is important. Each comet has a "zone of influence", and the planets, by which it flies — too. It is important to consider not just how close the comet approaches the planet, but when it starts to enter into the "zone of influence" of another celestial body in and out of her.

In this process, important point of contact: the passage of the comet as if through a membrane — a field that surrounds a particular planet. Comet hit the membrane, and this spread waves that are transmitted from one celestial body — the other. Any comet as it passes near one of the planet affects the other, and those respectively — on the other.

It should be understood, and that the solar system — a living cell with a magnetic coating. When an alien enters magnetized body — a comet, the entire system feels it, like any living organism feels the virus. Each planet is responding to the impact of foreign body in its own way. But! The planet that produces a lot of magnetic energy (after Jupiter and the Earth is in this case, in the second place), respond faster and more powerful than the others. Strike hits the magnetic field of the Earth!

But the Earth is in conjunction with Mars. A Mars — the planet of war. "Lulin", interacting with the field of our planet and Mars influences the behavior of earthlings. And there is every reason to anticipate, in March, when the "comet" will be coming out of the "zone of influence" of the Earth, people expect a powerful surge of emotion. And in the spring after all and so activates everything connected with human emotions. As a result, emotions can become completely out of control! In other words, the spring will be incredibly "nervous." And with the Latvian situation, we are simply events may occur in comparison with which the revolt on January 13 flowers seem …

"Lulin" — ambassadress of a very distant worlds. But why should it be "sent to the flight," what kind of information it needs to convey including the Earth?

"Given the incredible uniqueness of almost all the parameters" comet ", you can expect to see in the Earth's atmosphere (and is in our organisms) new types of viruses. They will have a strong striking factors that affect the activity of the liver and gall bladder, immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems … "

"Vesti", № 9.

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