When conducting operations in Homs, the Syrian army has detained the French military

When conducting operations in Homs, the Syrian army has detained the French militaryDuring the counterterrorist operation in Homs Syrian army detained the French military. According to local media disk imaging, the interrogation French uttered that the militants took them captive. But a view to finding a Syria French did not say anything. Need to see that Paris and Damascus had no immediate information on the Comment out the French military.

But here is the opposition from the Syrian Free Army urged the United States and France provide them with air defense weapons and guns. The possibility of future supplies of arms and discussions are constantly in PAH. The other day in Cairo, said the secretary general of the organization — Nabil al-Arabi (information TV channel "Russia-24").

Jihad Maqdisi, the official dealer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Syria, states that Qatar plans to arm the Syrian opposition — not news. Another first riots Syria Government warned: the supply of arms opposition threaten the negotiations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Syria considers various brutal statement as interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic. The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Syria said that no matter which side serving with similar proposals, is responsible for the continuation of the bloodshed in Syria. "We — Maqdisi said, — call upon our brothers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries to cooperate." Official dealer calls on all Arab countries to ensure that the opposition tends to hold dialogue.

Recall that in a short time to go to Damascus implies Kofi Annan, the special envoy of the Arab League and the United Nations. At the current time, the former UN secretary-general consults with Ban Ki-moon. According to Kofi Annan, the main purpose of his visit to Damascus — stop the violence, provide assistance from international humanitarian organizations.

Special Envoy and waiting in the Russian capital. According disk imaging of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kofi Annan invited to Moscow for consultations.

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