When repairing the cruiser Peter the majestic stole 265 million rubles

When repairing the cruiser "Peter the Great" stole 265 million rublesIn the Northern Fleet discovered the theft 265 million rubles allocated for the repair languid nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Pyotr Stately. "The criminal case of fraud opened to the general director of ZAO special technological base"Asterisk"Fedora Barashko, reports Main Military Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

According to police, in 2010, sent to the Ministry of Defense Barashko acts performing of knowing that they are not completed in full. In the framework of the state defense order company listed funds in the amount of 356 million rubles.

As it turned out, the amount of work performed was worth the least bit 100 million rubles. Acquired means Barashko, who is also co-owner of "Sprockets" had spent, according to prosecutors, to the needs of his own company.

The military prosecutor of the Northern Fleet Yevgeny Tkachuk told the publication "Murmansk bulletin" that "Asterisk"Received an order for repair of nuclear power plants," Peter Lofty "and one of the submarines. At the same time the entity did not have a license to carry out this kind of work, which it later.

JSC "Star" is located in the Murmansk region. It should not be confused with the Center of repair "Star" of Severodvinsk.

"Peter Stately"Was built in 1996. It belongs to the draft 1144" eagle "and is the world's largest non-aircraft impact warship. In 2008-09 cruiser took part in the fight against Somali pirates and set the record for the duration of the campaign for surface ships of the Russian Navy — he was swimming in 6 months.

In the framework of the "eagle" were built three cruisers "Admiral Nakhimov" repair which is scheduled for 2011 year, and "Admiral Lazarev" and "Admiral Ushakov" derived in the reserve in 2002 and 2005. In 2020 they planned to upgrade and return to duty.

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