Where are the ghosts?


British psychologists have found out, where are the ghosts and hears the voices of the Guardian Angels. So, Professor Mike Dash from the UK claims that most of the "ghosts" are likely retrieved from memory, which stores information about what we have experienced in our lifetime. There is the phenomenon of "pareydolii" — the trend of the brain to translate random sensory signals to the full implications of the images and messages. This intriguing, but it is quite understandable quirk of memory and perception experienced anyone who watched the clouds and showed them images of angels or dragons. This same phenomenon, according to the scientist, explains the vast majority of visions.

Another common phenomenon — cryptomnesia when forgotten memories of a once seen the movies, read books, interesting meetings are a source of so-called past lives.

And finally, there is one that explains a lot, the phenomenon of memory, "kriptesteziya" — subconscious acquisition of information. The term was coined by Theodore Flournoy — Swiss psychologist who examined one of the mediums who believed that communicates with God. It all started with the fact that once a medium during a woodland walk out into the clearing, and heard a "voice", commanded him to get out of there. He was so struck by the outcome, it seemed, out of nowhere said that immediately complied. And right there on the spot where he had just stood there, a huge tree collapsed. When psychologist interviewed him, the miracle survivor recalled the very real things that subconsciously alerted. It turned out that, having reached the tree, he saw that it was swarming termites. The brain at once concluded, it is a sign that the tree may fall, and arranged auditory hallucination, to warn of impending danger.

Today, many psychologists are inclined to believe that the memory — not so infallible storage system. Memories — it's actually only a little more than summaries that our brains throws us upon our request. When we relive a moment from the past, we did not experience the true memory and subjective, inevitably revised reconstruction of events.

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