White Bear Lomonosov move to Yakutsk

 White Bear Lomonosov, who was born just over a year ago in St. Petersburg Leningrad Zoo bears the couple Menshikov and delight, on Wednesday will begin an independent life in the new house, which will be his zoo in Yakutsk, said Tuesday the Leningrad Zoo.

Fifteenth cub famous pair of polar bears Menshikov and delight was born November 25, 2011. Until April, he lived with his mother in the den, and its growth and development carefully monitored by video camera Zoo specialists. In April, when a thick layer of ice formed in the pool over the winter polar bears finally melted, let the kid in the cage. In early May, Lomonosov was officially presented the residents of St. Petersburg.

"Now, little bear little over a year and it is ready, leaving the mother to start an independent adult life in another zoo. New home will bear zoo Yakutsk. Departure bear appointed on December 19, but will see it only zoo staff, as loading and transportation — very difficult and sometimes dangerous process, "- said in a statement.

Prior to his departure from the University of St. Petersburg Leningrad Zoo invites you to say goodbye to him and wish him a pleasant journey and a happy, long life in the new house.

This year, the Leningrad Zoo, a host of wonderful animals. Belorukov gibbons Perseus and Gabino birth of their first baby — Orpheus, while snow leopards Kira and Arbat happened completion — a pair of charming BARS Sid and Rhonda. In addition, in June of the Nizhny Novgorod zoo "Switzerland" moved to St. Petersburg a young lioness Tasia. She is now little more than a year, and when Tasia gets older, it excoriate the lion Adam living in Leningrad Zoo for seven years.

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