Who are persecuted black balls?


Researchers of anomalous phenomena known many cases where people literally chased the mysterious dark objects spherical shape — so-called "black balls." Belgorodets AV Nechayev most of his life devoted to the study of this phenomenon. It all began in 1982 when he first personally encountered this phenomenon.

Standing is not the end of February, not the beginning of March. Sometime after midnight, Nechayev was awakened by a sudden chill in the lumbar region. In the light of the moon he saw a black bob, hovering over him at about 10-15 cm diameter ball made no more than 10 cm for a while sat motionless, then when Nechayev tried to stand up, to get a better look at him, jerked Right down … There was a blow of such force that a bookcase, standing in front of the bed, rattled windows. The ball disappeared, leaving no trace.

Three years later, in September 1985, Nechayev, along with his friend, director located in the territory of Belgorod reserve "Russian forest" Maximov visited the anomalous zone near Dolzhikov (Zolochevsky district of Kharkiv region). In a ravine near Dolzhikov rainy nights repeatedly heard strange sounds, like flip flops. There and watched the black ball-shaped UFO.

By evening, the weather deteriorated and it began to rain, so Nechayev and Maksimov went to bed early. Nechayev could not sleep, my heart was somehow inexplicably disturbing. Suddenly he heard a sound from the ravine donesshiysya like a slap. Then Nechayev overcame a nap and he fell asleep.

In a dream he fancied someone screams. Realizing that scream waking Nechayev shook off sleep. Shouting, or rather mumbled, lying next to Maximov. Nechayev thought what a nightmare. For a while he lay motionless, hoping that Maximov soon calm down and fall asleep soundly, but did not stop mooing.

Then he stood up and shook his companion's shoulder, okliknuv by name. Maximov did not respond to the challenge, but still. However, concern for some reason did not leave Nechayev, he could not sleep. So he lay there until dawn. About four o'clock the next morning he heard two "slap" echo raznesshiesya the ravine. Nechayev immediately felt relieved somehow, somewhere come from the belief that he and fellow no longer at risk. He immediately fell asleep.

The next morning revealed that Maximov night experienced something totally unexplainable. He woke up, he imagined that some movement near the tent. Having started to listen, the man felt someone or something touched the big toe on his foot. After that, the body began to climb up a wave of numbness. First, the feet, then legs, lower back, hands … It seemed that the entire body wraps dense cloud. Soon he could not move. Besides sleeping bag was tightly fastened from the inside. Paralysis of the throat and reached Maksimov felt the hair on his head stand on end, and a sleeping bag inflates, rises up and begins to move to the door of the tent.

Horrified Maximov tried to resist, but it was not his best. Suddenly the thought came: we must wake Nechayev and get to touch it. Then it's over! Maksimov tried to scream, but I could not even open his mouth — just burst out mooing. Fortunately for him, Nechayev really woke up. As soon as he touched the shoulder Maximova, a wave of numbness began to subside gradually and completely gone.

Nechayev is convinced that his friend was attacked just a "black ball" could somehow get inside the sleeping bag. Black balls were sealed and numerous photographs taken in the anomalous zone. According to Nechayev, they "live" under the ground, but they can hover in the air. It is possible that at the time the balls are able to become invisible.

If the phenomenon of black balls and there are phenomena of the same order, it is possible that we are dealing with an ether-plasma life forms. But have a mind of its members, and what purpose they serve — to answer this question is premature.

Margarita Trinity

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