Why disappeared samurai?

December 17, 2012 7:40

Why disappeared samurai?

Scientists who apparently managed to uncover the mystery of samurai — the famous warrior-knights Japan. They have lost their strength and power in the XIX century, almost entirely disappeared from history. According to experts, a major contribution to this was made by the lead — the samurai's wife, like many women in other countries, in the past, used cosmetics, prepared on this basis. During lactation lead poisoned their children, which is why they often grew very weak, mentally handicapped and the sick who are unable to cope with the political crisis and the large number of other issues that brought them to that era. Known for years 1853-67 crisis, which led to the fall of shogunata led to what the samurai lost their power and strength came down from the stage of history.

According to Tamidzhi Nakashima, of the University of the environment and health, brave Japanese warriors, knights, after all, won the women's usual cosmetics. Researchers are careful study of bones adult samurai, as well as their children. The results showed that the content of lead in children's bones was ten times higher than that of their mothers and fathers. Nakashima notes that the lead levels in the bones of children aged up to three years, an average of fifty times higher than in the bones of their mothers.

While most powder and white were the most poisonous means of cosmetics. Used for the manufacture of mercuric chloride, and the so-called white lead. Therefore, according to the Daily Mail, it is not surprising that in the bones of adult women was two times more lead than in men.

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