Why rocked the St. Petersburg business center?


The morning of May 24 office employees who work in a high rise building on the street of Saint Petersburg Gakkelevskaya, feel the vibration. According to eyewitnesses, the building is even beginning to sway.

The fact that it may be echoes of the powerful earthquake that struck the Sea of Okhotsk, reported in the Russian Academy of Sciences, where there were reports of this kind not only from St. Petersburg, but also in other cities of Russia. However, the MOE different attitude about the Northern capital. There say that the Far Eastern tremors at anything.

Correspondent Julia Oleshchenko
figuring out what shook the city on the Neva.

Vibrating skyscraper emptied in a matter of minutes. In some offices during the evacuation even forgot to close the window. The first unusual tremors felt in the upper floors.

Thomas Pungas,
employee of the business center, "Chief popped up saying," Do you feel like rocks! "the last person from our office went to the toilet. So he said that there could be seen as the door opened and out booths and creaking."

Those whose jobs are less quick to rush out after the neighbors. The arrival in the emergency Emergency Situations Ministry took him outside most of slowness. Eyewitnesses claim that 1,300 people narrowly escaped panic.

Dmitry Parfentiev,
employee of the business center: "From the 20th floor when we were trying to get to the elevators, people fleeing in droves. We do not even have to get into the elevator. "

Some of the evacuated gone home, others preferred to watch the proceedings from a safe distance. A state of emergency has reduced the working day, others may spoil his career. A gaggle of young professionals lamented the failed job interview.

Olga Semenova, evacuee: "We broke the exam. We had already run from Monday in the state. Maybe it's a sign. "

Formidable sign or incident, far from mysticism? This question was asked today not only ordinary witnesses. In the first half hour there were several versions of what happened. Even the people in uniform.

Sergei Lavrukhin,
Chief of the 13th Detachment of the Federal Fire Service, "Versions of a few. Starting with the fact that there is a direct underground line from the "Old Village" to "Commandant's prospectus." And ending with the fact that in the area of Sakhalin earthquake today, and some echoes may also be with us. "

A more realistic, at first glance, the reason — passing under the building subway line — eliminated immediately. Metro worked and works smoothly. And in the five years since the construction of the tower never on such a neighborhood did not react. Astronomers have proposed to look "guilty" is not under the ground and in the sky. The so-called small parade of planets could lead to a variety of disasters.

Sergey Smirnov,
spokesman for the Pulkovo Observatory: "All last night are reports of earthquakes, and the increasing magnitude of the event. In California, in North America, the islands of Tonga in Oceania, in the Persian Gulf and close to Kamchatka in the Sea of Okhotsk. And the echoes were throughout the Far East, in Siberia. Moreover, both in Moscow. "

Scientists from the Department of the foundations at the University of Railways in the echo of the earthquake do not believe. Argue that the most powerful earthquakes in our area 5 points were recorded in 1881. But even historical Narva earthquake could not shake the reinforced concrete tower to an extent.

Unravel the mystery of a mysterious vibrations will now have to geophysicists and geologists. And the fate of the building will decide the results of a thorough revision and not only Condominium. The owner of the business center today refused to comment, perhaps realizing: study will project documentation.

Experts say that the allowable angle of inclination of such concrete structure is 0, 004. Whether this figure is exceeded in this case, the examination will show. But for safety of employees and visitors to the business center to the owner to be established in all areas of online monitoring system.

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