Why Russ unrivaled

Why Russ unrivaled

Undoubtedly, there are things that make Russian the best, and the activities in which they are the undisputed best workers. So to speak — out of competition. In the yellow jersey, and ahead of the rest. With this must be considered, even the most high-grade Russophobe of the small but highly cohesive mercenary army homegrown liberals. And, of course, the Western world in the face of the top managers of management options such as the Department of State or any of NATO. Yes, the Russian much better. And every little bit thinking person can transfer smoothly, how. And if you can not, then we'll show it now chorus. We're thinking, right? So. One, two, three … All together!
In the construction of a just international state

Well, who still claims to be a leader? The Americans, who have recently started to get rid of racial discrimination with all the — "Whites Only" — signs? They have been stuffing their democratic purses by slave labor from Africa blacks, that the memory of it does not destroy any Negroes themselves, nor whites. The fact that Obama is now governed in the Oval Office — more visual bribe all stinking, mired in poverty and illiteracy in black neighborhoods.
Tolerant smile on Capitol Hill in the appendage to social sphere, issued through a lattice window. Like, we're ourselves as black, not resent, brothers, yo! You see, even your Brother hang out with whites in this country may kamon evribadi! All is well, everyone is happy, even cigarette butts great Indian tribes in their squalid shacks barely murmur! By the way, the child is almost destroyed Native American (Sioux or Iroquois there any) as the president looks much more fantastic than feathered sexual minorities. I do not exaggerate?

And the European "democracies" are not far behind the U.S.. All their financial power for centuries shamelessly relied on pumping money from the colonies to the enslavement of other nations, often accompanied by destruction of Aboriginal and in a modern way — genocide.

And if today they have everything so well with racial equality, then what happened recently in England? It is black with equality so outraged feelings of care on the part of white people and the white is the government? And what is a "zero tolerance"? It seems that, as before, any non-white and therefore unreliable, can now be tolerant manner bit truncheon, packed in a beautiful English paddy and imprisoned.

Unlike advertised gloss Western tolerance, our homespun internationalism and friendship of peoples had not declarative and practical. Open national schools, mass-produced books in the languages of small and not so small nations, representatives of which were safely in all levels of the Russian (and Soviet) government. The culture was preserved and developed under the strict supervision of the state. No nation was destroyed Russian, and many could not just survive, to survive, but to realize the most fantastic projects, up until the autonomy and writing.

It is well-known all the facts, they can only challenge the mind stuck in the Gorbachev-eltsinovskih times of anti-Soviet and Russophobe. Yes, the Russian is the core of the state, attracting all the other nations of its magnetic international formula, "You want to be Russian — be». And it worked flawlessly in the largest state, since the formula was simple and fair. And apply it to all without exception. By Pushkin and Miloradovich to Catherine the Great and Stalin, to the Evenki and Tatar. So generously and fairly could act only great people. Having as a protective energy shield of justice, elevated to the rank of state policy, the Russian was out of the competition …

In science and culture

To list all of the great Russian thinkers, writers, scientists and cultural figures meaningless in this article. The names of the people that contributed to the development of human civilization, and have become known for, as they say now, Brenda. No, it's not about aftershaves and not about some chips and other worthless piece of bread. Philosophy, music, physics, literature, space, Mendeleyev, Dostoevsky, Tsiolkovsky, Sholokhov, Tchaikovsky … Well, here, could not resist.

This is not just a great luggage, wealth, it hurt for a long time forward forever. Basis. The foundation, which is not afraid of the earthquake and nuclear bombs. Capital, which is not afraid of crisis and decline the Tokyo Stock Exchange. And the fact that not all of the great Russian were Russian by birth, only confirms the efficiency and effectiveness of the above formula. Speak in Russian, Russian culture and love their country. Protect them and multiply achievements of previous generations. All, now you're Russian. Can even be a great Russian, though born of Perm and a dark, or even your name Sophia Augusta Fredericka of Anhalt-Zerbst.

Of course, brought up on beer advertising layman it may seem that there is any philosophy, and other ballet is not so important in everyday life, compared with the presence of sausage-democratic component bazaar (well, or market, if you will) relations in modern society. This is the right idea. That is exactly what needs to think shopaholic-gamburgeroed, replacing the man. Russian culture has always been the same antipotrebitelskoy and spiritual, so it can be argued that the consumer is in our, Russian sense — uncultured people.

The progress of scientific thought, the ideals of humanity and the desire for inner purity — the areas in which Russian is to develop not only themselves but also the world around. It would seem that in this way he was supposed to lead to this day.

In defense of their homeland

At all times the Russian bravely and selflessly defended not only the borders of their country, but also "bratushek" of different nationalities, for giving them life. "Put the stomach for your neighbor" — this is our way, it's in Russian. The quality of domestic defense checked repeatedly aggressors of all stripes, and sooner or later come to the same simple idea: Russian soldiers — the best in the world. Many volumes of foreign studies on this topic can be reduced to a few conclusions. First, the Russian soldier stands, patient and courageous. Second, these qualities can be explained by various reasons — out of love for his native land and natural collectivism to the specific characteristics of the mysterious "Russian soul", but this explanation does not help Russian win. Conclusion from this third and most important — with the Russian is better not to fight.

It should be noted that the army — one of the most important public institutions, which, in addition to protecting against external aggression, performs an educational function. Russian army has always been popular in fact. In this sense, universal military service, also known as conscription, enabled the entire male population of the country legally capable to pass through the crucible of the civil service, to become part of a larger — its people, society, and to cure the excessive individualism which at the present time is becoming a national disaster.

Russian always proud of the army, and his service in the army, and no one can break our state, no matter what.

But …

So it's time to go to this same "but …"

Participating, as they say, the whole world in the construction of a just state, is rapidly developing scientific capacity and the spiritual world, knowing how best to protect the country in the world, Russian competed well with their obvious and hidden enemies and could feel almost won, but …

We shall not discuss why it happened, that Russian shrug in disbelief, feeling thrown overboard story is a separate issue. We will try to answer what happened.

Russian expelled from the competition.

All that they knew how to do best, suddenly ceased to be in demand. Artificially, through lies and propaganda, as a result of betrayal. Yes, it is. But that is not important at the moment. The main thing is that the Russian forced to do unnatural things, according to our ideas — virtually distortion.

Instead of building a just society are invited to live in the state oligarchs baryg and officials that these baryg roof. Instead of clear and respected work for the people, to be offered to all shopkeepers, how would these shopkeepers were not called — merchandisers, sales representatives or portfolio investors. Instead of the basic sciences are encouraged to develop and invent mythical nano energy-saving light bulbs that shine for many years in every country house some of Norway. Instead of a coherent system of education offered Western experiments for the backward sections of the world community.

Instead of a great culture — conveyor gloss and singing cowards. London unitaznye installation, popular culture, the evening of "high" fashion, contemporary art — brands degrading world.

Russian could not win either on the battlefield or at the school desk or in space or on the boards of theaters. In the great Russian affairs have always been out of competition. What are we going to offer to compete? In a shallow lavochnichestve? In trading shawarma? Online home through tax havens?

One study by American scientists came to the question of why do such good Russian high-tech things like space ships, nuclear-powered ships, aircraft, military equipment, and household appliances and cars — no. The whole world launches satellites with our rockets, and still does not go to "Ladakh". The answer was simple — the Russian was not interested, they need scale, action, amazing world, and graceful juicer let rivet Koreans Malaysians.

With trade and personal enrichment — the same story. Well, there is greed in the Russian soul, at the genetic level is not incorporated this aspiration. And we can not in this business to compete with some Singaporeans for the simple difference that Singaporeans (or British, or Dutch …) go to their bright future alone, and we can only together. We are so smart, and even advanced in some places, we can only compete as a community, as a great nation, and we are asked to play "Monopoly" against each other.

Yes, the Russian out of competition. But only when playing the game. And in all fairness.


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