Wikileaks site is blocked as a result of a hacker attack

Website Wikileaks, which is scheduled on Sunday to publish 250,000 secret U.S. State Department materials were blocked users from hacker attacks, said Twitter organization.
Wikileaks but states that in spite of the site blocking publication of the proceedings will take place, as they had previously been transferred to the media.
As in the case of publication of material relating to military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, copies of secret U.S. State Department cables were transferred to an American newspaper «New York Times», British newspaper «Guardian» and German magazine «Spiegel». In addition, the materials were transferred to two other newspapers that previously unpublished documents, reports "WikiLeaks" — French «El Monde» and Spanish «El Pais».
Earlier Sunday Times reported that the documents contain confidential U.S. State Department diplomatic correspondence, which contains anti-Islamic statements of U.S. diplomats and the UK. In addition, materials may contain unflattering remarks against Allied West in the Islamic world.
In this case, founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange said that the documents would "cover all the major problems of the modern world." "Times"

On the eve Wikileaks founder said: New compromising for "all major issues" of the world

Documents, which intends to soon make public the organization Wikileaks, relating to "all major issues" of the modern world. This was announced on Sunday, the founder of online project Australian Julian Assange. "The material that we are willing to make public, in general, for all the major international problems in the world," — said Assange, according to ITAR-TASS.

He added that over the last four years of his organization issued a secret and confidential documents from more than one hundred countries. According to the founder of Wikileaks, the documents cover a wide range of issues — from "killings in East Timor to the behavior of some of the largest U.S. private banks." Wikileaks founder said this today, speaking in the mode of the participants of the teleconference held in the Jordanian capital Amman conference, organized by the Arab Organization Reporters who have professional research. It is not clear in which country Assange was at the time of the teleconference. He said his visit to Amman was impossible. "Jordan — not the best place to find when the CIA should be on your tail," — said Assange.

"Over the last month, most of my energy and activities have been spent on preparations for the forthcoming publication of the diplomatic history of the United States — said Assange. — This is more than 250 thousand classified cables from U.S. embassies around the world. Over the last week or so we have seen, the U.S. attempted to "extinguish" the effect that will have this publication. "

Washington had "contacted the governments of almost all countries of the world to inform them regarding the exposure of embarrassing, soon to be followed," said the founder of Wikileaks. "They are in trouble because they do not know exactly what information will be made public. So they have to act very carefully in order to inform the allies about what data, from their point of view, will be published "- said Assange.

Julian Assange U.S. State Department rejected accusations that the actions of Wikileaks endanger the lives of many people. "This organization has a history of four years of publication. As far as we know, and how much you can say with certainty, no person was inflicted any harm as a result of our activities, "- said the founder of the project.

According to the newspaper VIEW, diplomatic correspondence of the U.S. State Department, which will publish Wikileaks, contains anti-Islamic statements diplomats the U.S. and the UK, their publication could jeopardize the safety of the citizens of Britain and the U.S. in Muslim countries.

Earlier, the U.S. State Department called on the website WikiLeaks to stop publishing of classified material of the American government, caught in that organization in a letter to the U.S. legal adviser Harold Koh dipvedomstva issued on Saturday night in Washington.

Spiegel published an alleged cover the materials Wikileaks

In Twitter Wikileaks have posted the cover of German magazine Spiegel, which may come on Monday with the material obtained from the organization.

Soglasnoopublikovannoy photos, materials of the journal may contain statements of representatives of the United States on world leaders, what says the inscription on the central cover of "Open: how America sees the world?".

Also on the page posted photos of leaders of Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Iran and other countries, signed by them, perhaps, is a quote from the document, the author of which, according to Wikileaks, U.S. officials are.

Caption Iranian president says "It's — Hitler," a photo of French President Nicolas Sarkozy — "King of no pants", a photo of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi — "horny."

Also posted photos on the cover of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Medvedev the characteristic of "pale" and Putin — "rough commando."

Previously, "Times" reported that the website Wikileaks, which was planned on Sunday to publish 250,000 secret U.S. State Department materials, was blocked to users from hacker attacks.
Wikileaks but stated that, despite the site blocking publication of the proceedings will take place, as they had previously been transferred to the media.
As in the case of publication of material relating to military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, copies of secret U.S. State Department cables were transferred to an American newspaper «New York Times», British newspaper «Guardian» and German magazine «Spiegel». In addition, the materials were transferred to two other newspapers that previously unpublished documents, reports "WikiLeaks" — French «El Monde» and Spanish «El Pais».

'Voice of Russia', Russia
Who is behind the project WikiLeaks?
By Ignat Kulagin
Publication Date: 23-11-2010

Material provided by WGD "Voice of Russia" in the information cooperation

Julian Assange.  Photo: EPA

Julian Assange. Photo: EPA

What hides Julian Assange — the founder of one of the most famous sites in the world WikiLeaks? What are the forces behind its "propaganda machine"?

Nontrivial identity

About personality Assange know very little. We know that he was born in 1971 in the north-east of Australia, in the city of Townsville. Primary education Assange was home. His family, consisting of just two people — and his mother moved around.

By age 14, he changed his place of residence 37 times. Moreover, at the age of 11 years, he literally had to run away from the family — it turned out that a friend of his mother is a member of a certain sect under the plausible name of "Family". He was going to send its leader Julian Assange. On the child's mind is of course affected.

His involvement in the rape trial in Sweden remains to be seen, but when asked if he could go on this, given the difficult childhood, most psychologists quoted in foreign media, replied in the affirmative.

Indicative detail: last week, Assange was a guest of Larry King. He could not help but ask about the charges. Assange's reaction: "This is all very trivial matter." After a pause, he added sharply, that King should be "ashamed" to raise the subject. However, the leading responded instantly: "Rape is not trivial. Your answer-charge — a lie? "" Lies "- said Assange. "That's fine, that's all we wanted to hear," — said the King.

At 16, Assange began to get involved with computers, rather, their burglary. Nickname "Mendax" — Internet alias — it was with a sense: similar to an oxymoron Horace splendide mendax — Noble (gorgeous) beggar. However, the nobility of the years of his career, the hacker is no information, as opposed to the trial.

In 1991, Assange was then 20, he and his accomplices have been arrested for the introduction of a central server Canadian telecommunications company Nortel (Nortel). After several interviews, he pleaded guilty to all 25 counts.

He faces 10 years in prison, but Assange has got off with a fine. That is, even without a deadline, which is strange for such crimes several hackers in Australia have up to two years in prison. His first degree Assange went to get the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. But dropped out. It seemed to him that the sponsors and as a result, the regulators of the educational process is the military.

In 2006, he founded the site WikilLeaks. Realizing that you have to deal with a very "sensitive" materials, he decided that "home" is the main server in Sweden, known for its loyalty to the journalists.

In December of that year, the resource appears first WikiLeaks material: "The decision of Somali Islamic court of the execution of government officials." The portal said that the document may be fake, but "is derived from the major source in U.S. intelligence."

Journalistic integrity

Assange, of course, never revealed his information. Those, in turn, can consider himself safe. Before I get to the page WikiLeaks, information is replicated simultaneously in all the portal server, it can not be traced.

Again, there are nuances of local legislation — in Sweden, the law guaranteed the anonymity of the Internet in Belgium — is forbidden to listen to the phone, because the information is transmitted orally. However, it is clear that the most important data to help and unwind WikiLeaks, Assange was handed personally. Issuers of classified information and the resonance is far from obvious.

And affects not only the information itself, but also the spread of topics. Copy to a flash card confidential information in any large structure will immediately notice the system administrator. And the system itself is unlikely to do so.

With paper documents easier. However, access to them is a limited number of people and, given the ease with which you can keep track of where, when, and most importantly, who was the printed material, it is unlikely the publication of "go" way. It is remarkable that, despite the large number of dissatisfied publications, no action against WikiLeaks have been filed.

On the one hand, of course, the trial threatens trouble for the applicant. Will either have to officially recognize that the document is real, in which case certain disclosure would damage. Or balk at the fact that the document — a fake that, apparently, is even less successful solution. Yet these people, as a leader of the insurgency Somalia Hassan Dahir Aweys, is unlikely to have to worry about the image, and the trial could provoke a chain of investigation, until the international wanted list.

Of interest in this aspect and the statements of U.S. officials — say, we want to get, but can not, he's in Sweden — an independent state. In the case of Viktor Bout and Thailand American justice did not stop. The question of why he was given almost free to travel the world, may be the explanation that its publication profitable.

For example, politicians — mainstream heroes tend to deny any of them (unless it is a question of his own piercing), preferring to build on their long-term leakage based public relations strategy. In contrast to the "players" or even below the rank of shadow figures, such as lobbyists. After publication of WikiLeaks revelations occur and large companies, which are entire industries.

One of these cases — Microsoft. Assange has exposed details of the request the British Government to the firm of Gates. According to documents, MI5 sought "confidential" information that the computer giant could afford. This case is interesting because it comes up on the web after the name of a Daniel Schmidt, a lobbyist for Microsoft, who allegedly 'leaked' Assange requests the UK. A kind of hidden advertising business facilities. By the way, the Internet will expose itself to Schmidt — in fact, the true name of the lobbyist — some Domsheyt Berg.

Such a "call" information from an ordinary Assange could never get. Researchers phenomenon called WikiLeaks sure that it works for the exploration of Australia. Assange once he is admitted, when a Swedish court charged him for the first time, the journalist said to him to contact employees of native intelligence, and warned of the possibility of such a scenario.

Some experts go even further, arguing that in fact Assange is in close ties with the Israeli "Mossad". In support of the theory, in particular, points to the "Iraqi Diaries" — access to classified material the U.S. to the Middle East of the foreigners are only at Israeli agents. Not to mention the fact that traveling around the world several times a week requires a lot of money. This site does not provide financial security.

Generosity as a business plan

This site all the time said that there is money to independent donors. Ostensibly to maintain the necessary 200 thousand dollars a year. However, Assange himself has repeatedly said that shortages of funding it can "force" to make the site a fee. And not the entire archive, only the most recently added material. To promote such innovations Assange revealed that knows when it might be useful information bomb. The famous video of the execution Reuters news agency (Reuters) was published on April 5. On the morning after Easter in the U.S. — in those days, as a rule, is not news.

WikiLeaks still "leaked" secret correspondence of U.S. diplomats

Website WikiLeaks, which specializes in the distribution of classified documents, still published over 250 thousand letters of U.S. diplomats.

This "sink" was made by the world's leading media on Sunday evening, November 28.

Disclose information includes data on U.S. foreign policy strategy for many countries, corruption and characterization of world leaders, including Russian.

At the moment, and published the correspondence is available on the websites of newspapers such as El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian and The New York Times.

In the disclosed documents contain information that representatives of several Arab states, including the King of Saudi Arabia urged the U.S. to attack Iran to end its nuclear program.

In a message sent to Washington, also refers to:

— Statements about the connections of the Russian authorities against organized crime;

— The unusually close relationship, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi;

— Iran trying to convert North Korean rockets for use as long-range missiles;

— Danger that Pakistani nuclear materials could be used for nuclear weapons;

— American officials, who were ordered to follow the guidance of the UN

— The fact that the Chinese government has increasingly resorted to the use of cyber-attacks;

—  Corruption in the Western-backed Afghan government. Fears increased when it became known senior official, who allegedly drove over the border in their luggage over $ 50 million in cash;

— U.S. failures to prevent the supply of arms Syria, Lebanon, "Hezbollah"

— Negotiations in closing the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, including Slovenian diplomats allegedly offered to release of prisoners in exchange for a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama;

— Discussions of U.S. and South Korean officials about a possible merger between the two Koreas — in that case, if there is a complete collapse of the DPRK;

—  Criticism of British politicians, including Prime Minister David Cameron.

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