With whom mutate? Evolution of surprises in store for us


Dmitry Pisarenko
Published: May 14, 2008 00:04:00
Article number 20 of the AIF from May 14, 2008 00:04:00

Long legs and elongated neck. Beveled, almost missing the chin and less e-elkie-small teeth. And on a small face — only one eye!

Thus, according to Alexander Ermolenko, is a person through thousands or even millions of years. The scientist came to this conclusion after analyzing the changes that have occurred in the exterior of our distant ancestors, and come with us now.
Why the mole difficulty seeing?

Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Ermolenko directs the Laboratory of the Research Institute of Transplantation and Artificial Organs. However, his research interests are much broader: for decades, he is studying the structural organization of animal and human origin. Published several papers in Russian and foreign journals. Alexander E. — author of four hypotheses, which even got patents.

"The theory of evolution has got the science to a standstill, it is in itself flawed — says the scientist. — What did Darwin? Put the cart before the horse when reasoning about natural selection. Confused cause and effect. They say, such a long neck giraffe because he reached for leaves on tall trees. And survived those whose neck was long, they passed this sign descendants. Why moles see in the dark? Because they live under, say Darwinists. That is the environment of genetically cemented they have this trait. And in fact, the opposite is true. First, there was a genetic malfunction and there were some changes in the chromosome. The animal was born with low vision, which would be easier to live underground. It has adapted to it and gave the offspring. "

The fact that acquired characteristics, as Darwinists claim, can be transmitted to prove it was not possible. No matter how much cut off the tails of laboratory mice, the cubs were born tailed. Jews for thousands of years have made circumcision of male infants. And the boys still are born with a foreskin.

"Signs, of course, inherited, but not all and also in complex ways," — said Ermolenko.
Advanced akseleratov

One of the commonplaces of claims against Darwinism: if a person is, roughly speaking, is descended from apes, why our eyes there is no further reaction in primates sentient beings? And if the harsh living conditions contribute to evolution, why is Africa's population does not make a qualitative leap, surpassing an intellectual Olympus Japanese or the Germans? Moreover, there are peoples on the planet who still live in the stone age and do not leave it in a hurry. Pygmies, for example.

"The fact that the evolution of environmental conditions is independent, that is another misconception — continues Alexander Ermolenko. — The population currently lives, and suddenly a completely random one branch of it begins to evolve. And the other — no. According to my hypothesis, in nature there are species-stamps. Cockroach poison poisons, and they all survive. But it does not evolve. It is this kind-stamped. From monkeys, it seems, at one time broke the group that did not mix with the others, and it went through the process of genetic change evolution. And other primates remain the same as were 100 thousand years ago. "

Perhaps some ethnic groups of people have turned into a kind of "stamp". And because of their appearance, as well as the way of life have not changed for thousands of years. But the vast majority of humanity changes occur, and the most notable of them — acceleration. Growing up almost the entire population of the world. Well the Dutch, who in the past 100 years stretched by 20 cm, but their example is followed by the Chinese and Vietnamese, which we used to take undersized! Anthropologists suggest: during the twentieth century, birth weight increased by an average of 100-300 g Teenagers increased by 10-15 cm, and the change in the proportions of the body — limbs stretched out, and his body became more narrow.

"Akseleratov — that is evolutionarily advanced people, because in the first place is changing the skeleton. Moreover, it is possible that our descendants will be long-necked. But it's flowers — Ermolenko pauses, wondering whether to scare me more. — If you follow the trend, as the organs of vision changed over evolution, the conclusion: the eyes gradually shifted towards each other. Now they are facing the same direction, and used to be on the sides. All goes to the eyes merge into one, like a Cyclops. More, perhaps, the person will be able to hear and transmit ultrasound. Jaw will decrease as the size of the teeth. But there may be more — we have, by the way, already there are opportunities to grow not 32, but 52 teeth! "

In addition, decreases a person's face, his nose. Finally, with the skin may occur monstrous metamorphosis — the body covered with a keratome (build-up of warts). One consolation is that all of these changes in the appearance of Homo sapiens — is not coming centuries, and very very long and mind-optic times. In general, our grandchildren will look at us lonely Cyclops' eye. This is a lot more distant descendants.

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