World weather: snow, floods, storm

Frost and snow have fallen in these days to several parts of the globe. Powerful cyclones dominate the Midwest and central United States. In Minneapolis, snow fell so much that it broke the stadium roof. No injuries were fortunate that at this point in the arena was not another game. Bad weather dictates the conditions in ten states — stop trucks do not fly airplanes. Snowdrifts reach the height of human growth. And in the states of Washington and Oregon own problem — flooding. Flooded Arlington, suburbs of Seattle, Portland. Interrupted traffic on the roads, podmyta power pole, normally hundreds of homes, according to "Russia-24".

Elements of the past and on other continents. The Sinai Peninsula struck a powerful storm. And the capital of Egypt is in the grip sandstorm. In Lebanon, the sea claimed dozens of fishing boats in the Beirut airport otmenenyayut flights. And some days raging storm in Israel. The wind speed is 40 meters per second. At sea — 9-meter waves. For security now closed ports.


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