Yes retreat darkness!

On the night of Halloween is not only magicians, but everyone is able to put a defense against the Dark Arts, purify negativity and attract into your life good and light. To do this, a quarter of an hour before midnight, 23 hours and 45 minutes in your local time, perform a special rite.

You will need: Four new crystal glass, four candles, cutting red cloth, a handful of dirt, a handful of salt and a handful of wheat grains.

All set? Proceed. Cups half-filled with water and arrange on the table. Behind each glass upside down on the saucer, put the taper and sit at a table facing east.

Relax. Watch for a few minutes over your thoughts. Imagine a huge circular lake. Here's to the black birds flock to it and start drinking water. Birds quench thirst and now fly away. Realize: these birds — your dark thoughts, problems, difficult events and situations, the negative flow of energy … you give them a drink — and they will leave you. Try to very clearly see how the birds flew away. Now say:

The birds should be washed,

There is no way back to birds.

(Throw in a glass on a pinch of salt)

Retreat darkness, the light fills the space.

On earth I am talking:

(Throw in a handful of land on the glass)

Earth, earth, give me their strength,

In itself will take all my anxiety,

You give life to all life on earth,

And grains germinate in you

(Throw in a handful of grains on the glass).

Focus on the process of germination. In your mind's eye stretches the field — you throw the seeds, sprinkle them with earth. Here the soil hatch first shoots, they get bigger, stronger, gaining strength, that is the whole field began to be green, but it has already turned into a blooming garden … Corn — is good, good, good thoughts and good things that you have nurtured, attracted your life, you have to see how they grow. Now open your eyes.

Allow the candles burn out to the end, pour the water out of the four cups in one pot, and wrap the glasses in a red cloth. Take water and glasses, go across the road from the house. Water should throw out, and not turning the glasses cloth to break, stepping on their foot.

Warning: Do not say a word from the time when she brought out water and glasses of the house, and to return. You can speak, just crossed the threshold of the apartment.

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