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Literally collapsed in the summer construction projects and renovations were carried out in heated discussions, be able to bring to mind all the while nadoyduts Dozhinki. First, I met with my previous guides, companions — a long-time member of the opposition of Leeds Vladimir Krutikova of the BPF leader and passionate people here, "Young Belarus" Sergei Sidorenko. I ask:

Reporter"Is there much to look at?"

Krutikov"There was the sound of trumpets — the chairman of the executive committee Khudyk praised the work as" excellent. " "Lida newspaper" wrote — "there are no defects." Leeds today on TV — "selling disc of the holidays Dazhynki. No one just does not want to buy … "

Reporter"But at the center of a neat square, Lida heraldic lion …"

Sidorenko"Well, and what is our pursuit hanging on the lock. The castle is still up to 2016 — reconstruction. But the periphery of the forgotten — no highway, all brokenfooted, and money is not … "



Krutikov"I called a friend before meeting Robert Berkus. Living on the streets of Grunwald now. House from top fine imposed, but basements are flowing floods potatoes, so rotten sewage, gas and water pipelines. And now, apparently, been a long time. Authorities in the other one would have to pay attention — after Dazhynak started cutting jobs in which not a single penny has been invested … "

Masters is a commercial company for the manufacture of plastic Dmitry Zybayla do not want to work in the city.

Reporter"Why do you want to go from Lida?"

Dima"It is not satisfied with the salary of 800 thousand — for my qualification is not enough …"

Reporter"But you have a commercial structure …"

Dima"Someone made the only income for Lida, and no employer, not excluding private traders, does not raise the bar — as if on purpose. The fact that all the years of doing this president, does not work. I have seen the lives Lithuania, Poland. We especially appalling human rights situation — do not.

Who does not have problems here with wages — are the builders of the plant hot atsynkovvannya, which provides 150 jobs. Fields vvagnanyya already in the ground, I found in an open field between the suburban villages Mountain, Valley Wide yes. On the site and spoke with the builders — 27-year-old Volodya and 23-year-old Oleg. The guys were confident-looking, perhaps, at all …


Vladimir"The object is called -" Plant Protection metalakanstruktsy from corrosion by hot tsynkavannya. " And this is only the third part of the name … "

Oleg"We have a zero-cycle until the 15th of October — will end after 15 months, the surrender in 2012. All is well with the materials to work no one complains — from one million to two and above. All are inclined to believe that everything is bad, and I think everything is fine. I have a job, a stable income … "

Reporter"It means — Lukashenko to continue?"

Oleg"And where are you from?"

Reporter"From Minsk, with Radio Liberty …"

Oleg"Well, obviously. I believe that at this point, other than the incumbent, there is no decent candidates. Not for the radio said. Who are the young or start talking, all against the president, and the polling station quietly put a cross for him, because no one is going to change anything. And it will be all quiet, calm … "

Reporter"The fact that politicians are killed, you know?"

Vladimir"Never did not go deep, to be honest — it's all rumors …"

Along with the mentioned Krutikova Vladimir and Sergei Sidorenko move away for a few hundred meters from the construction site. Here, among the king in the pristine pine trees are ancient, but still active Staraslabadkiya parish cemetery. Stopped at the two sites under the crosses but with a variety of names.


Krutikov"Dobrovolsky Stephen, abbot of Bielice, Borowski Alfred, rector with cams, Tsyybulski Frantisek, rector with Traby, Azarevski Jerzy, rector of Lipnishak, Strashevski Vincent, rector of Yuratsishak, Father Vitaly Majewski of the Boyars. There were adstralyanyya priests in March 1943 by the Germans. Near another grave priests who were shot by the Bolsheviks in 1918. It is a holy place for Catholics Lida … "

Sidorenko"The dead are buried, and next to them is a strong construction. Committed the same violence — the plant is built on the bones of men. There is one more thing. Here's grave man, whose son lives in Canada and pay a lot of money to keepers that they were cleaning and guarding the bronze statue that vandals broke. Now the dust orgy of noise-din … "


I walk along the most populous village of Broad that a kilometer from Lida. Among the already collected two thousand signatures against the construction of the plant atsynkovvannya have a hundred of local — signed by 100%. You feel that everything here is worried — so far no one explained what would happen to the environment. 75-year-old in the case, and the boots, Mr. Felix Ostroukh, when asked, he immediately went on the road.

Reporter"What are you afraid?"

Astravh"Emissions — and could be an emergency situation. Poisonous plant technology … "

23-year-old Sasha Ozin, he lived here since childhood, perhaps one of the most knowledgeable.

Ozin"Subscribed — I'm against, poor health will be. I work on the "Lidselmash" with zinc. Many people have left — sickening after work, and headache. And if the plant will stand next to, people do not come out of the clinic … . "

After the election, could not help talking about politics. On the question of who to vote for, muscular, in colored sweater and faded jeans, a modern guy responds:

Ozin"For Lukashenka, because it is better not to be …"

Reporter"How much do you earn?"

Ozin"A million, enough for me. I can always relax … "

Reporter"And in Turkey in Cyprus? The Black Sea is not enough … "

Ozin"I would not have the means of those. In Russia was in St. Petersburg — the people are rich. But Lukashenko fairer … "

Reporter"And in collective 300,000 people earn — you know?"

Ozin"I know!"

d why did you vote — 16 years since we live in, you are" for "four more?"

Ozin"4 years … It will be seen …"

Head of the Department BPF Vladimir Krutikov nods:

Krutikov"Old and young lidchuki that" for "Luke … One part of the electorate that is afraid of change — they are used to getting on 600000. A new government will come — and suddenly shut down their company, and will mess? And the second — pensioners, who firmly believe propaganda. And — a contingent of the poorest, who walk in the Soviet coat and for whom time has stood still … "

Reporter"And it will continue?"

Krutikov"Calls are very anxious to Lida enterprises. Going to close meat processing plant, leaving only the sausage tseh.Nachalstva go, comforted them, which will go to the ministry and to Lukashenko., To give them the money to upgrade. Time was given — bought the wrong equipment, as now gathering dust. Take Lida shoe factory — half of the equipment is again in plastic. At the factory to cut 150 people, working in a shoe, it happens, 3-4 days per month and get 200-260 thousand — there are more than 4 billion of unsold products. "Optics" breathes its last — more than 600 do not pay. Leaders do not know how to manage, and the lower classes — to live. Change is needed — private ownership of land, businesses restructure, make small, mobile. All the old Soviet comes to a standstill. Russia, obviously, will not support. In this sense, the elections did not solve anything … "

Factory hot atsynkovvannya that over 350 meters from the two villages and over 800 — from Lida Plant "Optic", builds state-owned enterprises "cone", once known annoyed by Belarus' arms to Iraq. And it also added fuel to the fire, in fact organized by local authorities failing public hearing, which promised to present the results of environmental assessments. However, its leaders still insist that such enterprises in a dozen Lithuania.

We sit at the coffee house of Mrs. Janina Guzowska. It is, as the coordinator of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", has taken the lead in organizing the collection of signatures. Has experience — three times participated in the various elections of the party that now "Fair World", was a member of the district election commission.


Guzowska"I'd like to see similar plants in Lithuania and Poland, to see what it really is. Collected signatures to plant carried, because people wrote in court and received formal reply each time that the plant, which has a sanitary zone of less than 150 meters, environmental expertise to do. This is a chemical plant, belongs to one class of hazard. We have a lot of chemical plants — lyakafarbavy, casting and mechanical, hear, smell of these emissions. Started this movement villagers spontaneously — people killed, which can rarely be said that against the government. But they got — and appealed to the director of the plant, but there were only promises to civil proceedings mayor came up empty. Then he joined the company of "Tell the Truth", came Nekljaev, passed the sign to the executive committee … "

Yanina Frantsevna takes information from anywhere. Knows — in front of a long and difficult path.

Guzowska"I know the situation in the village everybody Minsk region. There are people, too, began to fight against the chemical plant, which allegedly should have let fertilizers. But the plant was built, there were transported chemicals that are banned in Russia. And now for the 150 meters from the fence lying himpakunki. None of the residents have amicably does not work at the plant — the Chinese. So do not know what the situation will be in us, because most of the information is hidden. I think we need to Lida bring the matter to the plant tsynkavannya through. And if the plant is harmful, forcing authorities to move to another location, make the ordering treatment facilities. And why should develop civil society, held, including protests. And people will win in the end, the people will be affected by the power. After the presidential election back in 2006, I went to the Plaza. And when she saw Nazi Germany 1933 — Full Independence Avenue was in the secret service in the OMON in black robes and masks, shields — I was ashamed and disgusted for our country. And I do not fear at all. I know that only we can change the situation in the country. It is necessary to raise his head high and go forward … "
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