9 residential buildings that can be erected almost instantly


The word "instant" in relation to the architecture can mean different things to different people. In the aftermath of the housing shortage that meant the model homes that could be built in a few weeks. For the survivors of the disaster, this means a very simple shelter, which can be assembled in a few hours. For the military, as, for example, instant shelter can mean it is "instant" — hangars and medical tents that can be erected in minutes.

Over the last few decades of war craft has replaced its appearance, and the increasing incidence of climate change, natural disasters, so the theme of "instant" buildings has firmly taken its place in the minds of designers. Since the transport of containers, which are arranged by pressing a button, and ending with "houses in the bag", which is only required for the assembly of air and water, we are seeing a renaissance in the architecture of the "fast food". Where you will find interesting examples of nine residential shelters — including a few samples of the past.

"Aluminum Metropolis" by Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé, who died in 1984, was one of the most ardent supporter of the factory assembly. This classroom has become the winner of the 1949 competition, organized by the French Government, which has set the task for the architects to create a generic set for the construction of school rooms and housing for teachers in rural areas. Was made only 15 of these buildings — but developed design has played an important role in the history of modern architecture.

Time of construction: six days

The house in the bag

This building received its name due to the fact that consists of fabric-reinforced cement — and still being built in less than one hour. To set the walls of the shelter, all you need — is to pour cement-impregnated cloth with water and stretch it with an inflatable balloon. The asylum will be fireproof, is immune to the snow and rain, and can stand up to ten years.

Time of construction: an hour or less

QuaDror, designer Dror Benshetri


QuaDror — it is, in fact, a structural component, designed by Israeli industrial designer Dror Benshetritom. Emergency shelters QuaDror use this component to create the dwelling of any material at hand. This is a smart approach because, although it does require some work on-site, transportation of small components — it is much cheaper (and faster) than the entire transport shelters.

Time of construction: one day

Hangar for the stealth B-2 bomber

Why B-2 requires its own room? Because of its stealth coating requires keeping an accurate temperature. And when the aircraft involved in combat missions, to find him a suitable hangar is not such a simple task. Therefore USAF row the company «American Spaceframe Fabricators» to develop a system that could be taken anywhere and quickly build in the right place. The unique sliding hangar entrance is shaped oysters, so that it could enter aircraft wings.

Time of construction: About ten days

Temporary container housing Onagawa, designer Shigeru Ban

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has devoted a large part of the resources of his studio help build shelters for the victims of the tsunami in 2011. This kommyuniti in the town of Onagawa earthquake survivors gave place to live, while their city was recovering. United shipping containers formed in 1800 residential units, and in the center of the community was organized convenient place to meet.

Time of construction: a few months

Mobile home of Yatsutaki Yoshimura


Japanese architect Yatsutaka Yoshimura recently made a proposal to develop a mobile housing unit that would fit into the size of a typical shipping container. This solution can be prepared at home will be transported to the scene by truck rather than having to collect them on arrival.

Time of construction: one day

Military shelter Uniteam

Rapid deployment shelter system (RDSS) is transported in conventional shipping containers and displayed when you press the button. This technology was developed to improve the existing system of standard military tents, giving temporary hospitals and centers of battle management instant access to the air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and electricity.

Time of construction: two minutes

Housing Daisuke Sugawara, design Azuhito Nakano

The loss of homes as a result of natural disaster affects people in many ways — from financial to emotional. The idea behind this kommyuniti of 60 houses in Rikuzentakata (zone "erased from the face of the earth" after the tsunami in 2011), is to encourage survivors to communicate with each other. The architects placed the house in a crossover pattern that connects the gardens of various tenants — in the hope that neighbors will meet more often and this will allow them to build stronger relationships.

Time of construction: several weeks

Temporary shelter Ling

Ling — is a modular shelter, designed by Aalto University students to serve as a temporary home for refugees in countries with cold climates. Thanks to the system of intersecting wooden panels and simple belts made of cloth, Lina requires the assembly of all six of the box part of its shipping container. As for its installation does not require any electrical tools.

Time of construction: six o'clock

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