A girl can rotate 180 degrees on foot


A young girl has overcome cancer, long amaze your friends and family, and now has decided to introduce with his bizarre talent of all Internet users. As recently revealed she hopes to win the competition for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jen O'Shea can rotate the right foot by 180 degrees without pain and effort, and its foot is drawn to the ceiling. The amazing and bizarre flexibility Jen is the result of the operation, which was carried out in order to save the girl from a rare form of bone cancer.

After Jen was diagnosed with "Ewing's sarcoma," she underwent surgery on his right leg in 2011, the year. During this procedure, surgeons removed the entire right half of her pelvis, while not replacing it with a prosthesis. Brave patient after many months of physical therapy, through which she learned to walk again, much to his surprise found that the foot can rotate 180 degrees.

At first, Jen embarrassed to talk about it, even to friends. Now, however, she told all about his ability, laying clip on YouTube. In a video posted on May 13, O'Shea says, "Only for you, Ellen, I'm going to show everyone what a strange I really am." Responding to comments on the video, which has already gained on YouTube more than 200,000 hits, she wrote: "It was a lot of fun! Who does not love to make others laugh?"

The video shows how O'Shea rotates leg before different audiences — friends, family and strangers. Almost all people fall into a stupor seeing the girl twisted her leg, and it looks like Jen enjoys it.

Leading the popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently announced the winner of their show dedicated to the ridiculous talent.

The winner got the prize — $ 10,000. It is unclear whether the second season of the show Ellen. Perhaps Jen ventured too late to declare itself the world.

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