A light touch of death

January 2, 2012 22:04

In July 1973, the Hong Kong Bruce Lee died. He was 32. The idol of millions of moviegoers and martial artist, first opened the world of Kung Fu, died of cerebral edema. But the debate about the reasons that led to swelling, do not cease to this day.

Official medicine believes that his appointment provoked strong medicine. According to the other version, the informal, the actor was used against a mysterious ancient martial art of Dim Mak, also known as the art of delayed death …

The death of famous people is always a lot of rumors and gossip. To make allowances for it and move on.

According to one of the unofficial versions of Bruce Lee "ordered" and killed. And I did it some old Kung Fu master, who owned equipment Dim Mak and hired Chinese triad revenge for something Bruce Lee. He paid movie star a few hidden-shock touches that after a while and led to the cerebral circulation, and the death of actor.

The authors are right or not mysterious version, we will never know. This mystery, as they say in such cases, took with him to the grave, Bruce Lee. If he was certainly aware of.

But after the death of the great actor all the modern Western world almost the first time I heard about the deadly art of dim mak. And scared.

Life in Chinese

The first mention of Dim Mak found even in the Chinese treatises millennia ago. Yet this style of Kung Fu is still little known. Masters owning art delayed death, units. They do not advertise their skills and are in no hurry to share knowledge with outsiders. But the foundations and principles that underpin the deadliest fighting style, it is not a closely guarded secret. Actually, the same thing is at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine — ancient representation of the anatomy and physiology. In China, as in the East in general, they are always very different from ours with you. So …

At the heart of all things, speaking very simply, is the energy of chi. Literally from the Chinese word means "air, breath, the life force." From it and use it to set up everything, it permeates everything, lives in all things and organisms. And all the while in motion, flowing from the material substance to energy and back. Internal qi individual always interacts with the external qi of all that surrounds us.

In the body of qi circulates through channels-meridians that energy associated with all major human organs. Permanent meridians 14 and 8 are included in the non-permanent disease. On the body meridian is a notional line that connects located on it the acupuncture points.

Acupuncture points (by the way, in the world they have long been known as BAT — biologically active points) — this, on the proposal of the Chinese doctors and philosophers, as a gateway meridian facing the body surface. Currently, such ABC has about seven hundred, and most of them in the face, neck, ears, hands and feet. And each of the acupuncture points are very important for the proper circulation of Qi energy in the body.

The human body is, roughly speaking, a complex system of communicating vessels, filled with constantly moving inner chi. It is believed that the work of all organs and systems of the body depends on this ubiquitous substance, to be exact — on its proper circulation through the meridians.

24 hours makes a full range of Qi circulation in the body. During this time, the state of maximum stress in each meridian qi is replaced by state-voltage. In the process, our qi communicates with the internal organs, blood, lymph, and the acupuncture points — with the environment. This interaction also is cyclical. Moreover, as the energy of chi can be ingested from the environment, and to pour out of him.

What do we explain all this? And the fact that in case of violation of the circulation of qi and its interaction with the internal organs and disrupted their normal functions, manifest certain symptoms. The more significant violations of the circuit of this energy, the more severe the disease.

So the main task of the traditional Chinese medicine is just the normalization of the circulation of qi. With this purpose, the ancient doctor developed methods to stimulate acupuncture points by pressing, moxibustion and acupuncture. Are collectively called Zhen-chiu therapy.

Treats and maim

Now back to the fun. Most eastern martial arts styles are primarily aimed at the harmonization of internal qi human with the chi of the universe. And not just to harmonize, and to develop skills to manage their own energy. And this is not fiction. Using a specially designed range of physical and breathing exercises, combined with years of meditation practice and a perfect mastery of Zhen-chiu therapy allows most assiduous and diligent followers achieve the results that modern medicine is just not able to explain.

Thus, a person who has learned to guide and strengthen their chi energy, may have an impact on the circulation of qi in the body of another person. And, of course, not only to treat, but the hamstring. After all, do not forget that the purpose of martial arts — the superiority over the opponent, victory. Moreover, the energy impact on the enemy does not look like a punch. It can be a light touch or no contact action. Leaves no visible bruises, abrasions. But internal injuries and disorders can be very significant.


In the Chinese methodology described three levels of point energy effects.

The most easy to reach (relatively, of course) is the dim-ching. The impact of this level are aimed to kill fragile state places the human body: the ganglia, tendons and joints. Basically, hard blows to these areas also derive from human action, but not to be confused with the brute force of power influence.

The next level — Dim Hsueh. This impact, aimed at an immediate loss of internal vital organs of the enemy: the heart, liver, spleen, intestine, nerve and lymph nodes. This level is very difficult to achieve and requires many years of training and specialized knowledge and skills.

Finally, dim mak. The most difficult art, covered with mysteries and legends. Energy impact on the acupuncture points to disrupt the circulation of qi in the body of the enemy. Energy attacks, applied at the right time and the right place, can seriously disrupt or slightly cross-phase voltage and corresponding meridian. This will entail a gradual poor circulation and lymph flow, which in turn inevitably lead to ischemia or, conversely, an apoplexy of the body. People will look perfectly healthy, but gradually will increase little unwell, and internal destructive process, meanwhile, will be well under way. And at one point, was not great, against the almost complete health broads — a serious illness or a painful death …

The art of killing

This, according to some experts of martial arts, and it happened to Bruce Lee. In a few weeks or months before the death of the actor had a short run-in with some random elderly bully. From this chepuhovoy scrapes Bruce was the victor, not paying attention to a few odd touches slack old Chinese. Meanwhile, it seems, blocked meridians, regulating cerebral blood flow, leading to swelling of the brain. An indirect confirmation of this version is the fact that a few weeks before his tragic death, Bruce Lee began to complain of sudden and unexplainable headaches. The medical examination did not reveal any significant time diseases or disorders. And the doctor did not think of anything better to do than to write an actor strong painkillers. On his overdose and then all written off. Modern medicine has refused to recognize that the cause of fatal brain swelling could be the impact of 2-3-week-old. The confidence generated by ignorance? .. Well, it's being said, the master's. A Chinese proverb says, without hearing the covenants of the ancestors, do not know the greatness of scholarship.

Alone with the mystery

According to traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine, the art of delayed death is not fiction, but a very real way to achieve victory. But …

Do not rush to buy tutorial or download it from the Internet. To master dim mak, not enough to train hard. It is impossible to learn the art of delayed death from a book or work out a couple of years in the fee-paying school in the Shaolin Temple. Some artists say that this knowledge can not even pass the student, as it comes with the unity of man and the cosmic energy of qi, which is a very intimate and personal process. Yes, and can achieve the promised knowledge is not for everyone, who has spent this decade of his life. And those who still grasped the art, hardly ever use it, as has already got rid of the need to fight, and even more so maim or kill someone else.

The purpose of martial arts — the superiority over the opponent, victory. Moreover, the energy impact on the enemy does not look like a punch

So for us, ordinary man in the street, the ancient art of Dim Mak will remain a secret, sinister tale. In real life we are with him — pah-pah-pah — never face ….

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