Abnormal cold in South America have killed 22 people, thousands of people were affected

BUENOS AIRES, July 9. / ITAR-TASS /. Abnormal cold, which affected many countries in South America, has already caused the death of 22 people and caused a chain of unusual events: snow in the Chilean Atacama Desert, at the Argentine black ice stadium, which is currently underway in South America Cup soccer — "Copa America".

Ten people were frozen in Paraguay — the country most affected by the frost, six died in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil from abnormal cold dead of three. Most of the victims lived in the street or suffocated from carbon monoxide for heating homes.

In Chile, the most affected regions of Arica, Tarapaca and Antofagasta, located in one thousand kilometers north of Santiago, where the desert areas were snow and heavy rains, which affected about 3.5 thousand people.

According to Defense Minister Chacon Sessilii Bolivia, the temperature in the mountains of the Andes dropped to minus 20 degrees, and the record low temperature is in the department of Potosi / South Bolivia / for the last 9 years.

In the south and south-east of Brazil temperatures fell over the last two weeks to zero degrees. On Monday, in the mountains of Santa Catarina was recorded 6.2 degrees below zero "with thermal sensation of minus 27 degrees because of the strong winds," — said the weather at the Center of the National Institute for Space Research / CPTEC / INPE /.

In the zoo, "Gramado" in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul / Rio-Grande do Sul / animals had to wrap up in blankets and heaters included. "The individuals that we have here — from Amazon. These animals are not adapted to the cold," — explained the vet Rafael Pagani.

Argentine city of Paso de los Libres in the province of Corrientes / Northeast / registered the lowest temperature for the last 50 years: minus 4 degrees.

In Uruguay, the cold caused the death of six people, including five of the homeless from Montevideo. President Jose Mujica this week ordered the people living on the street, were forcibly placed in a shelter.


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