Accession to the WTO: What to Expect

Approaching the time to address the issue of Russia's accession to the WTO. Ratification of the protocol was previously scheduled for July 4. But opposition MPs complained to the Constitutional Court because of marked irregularities in the ratification of the protocol.

The court session held on July 3 and 9 of the decision should be made public. The new date for ratification is scheduled for July 10. Spring by Grant Thornton conducted a survey of 100 companies all over Russia with the number of personnel to no more than 500 people about their expectations for the upcoming event. It turned out that 28.7% of respondents expect their business to positive change.

Of these, 14% expect a withdrawal or reduction of customs duties, the same hopes to expand the market of sales of its products and services, investment flows expected 6% of respondents identified the benefits of harmonization within the Union customs rules, fiscal policy, and expect payment for 10% of the respondents .

Doing business today resembles pixel art, where every point, every shade is important and should be carefully considered. According to experts, the expected positive impact on Russia's WTO membership in retail, trade, and in the steel industry by reducing customs duties.

Could also benefit-oriented import component of the enterprise. When prices rise will feel the air travel business. At the same time, the negative impact can experience automakers, food and light promyshlennost.Menshe positive expectations (20.8%) were made in connection with the prospects of development of the Customs Union, and 70.3% do not expect any impact on its business.

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