Adygea attacking aliens


. Fly with unknown targets spoil the farm fields and disappear. Secret signs that remain after the visits UFOs tried to unravel Ekaterina Ivanova.

Aliens fly in Adygea as a home, complain agronomists. Here again 5 huge circles. Mysterious symbols of wheat spikelets. Moreover, they are stacked stem to the stem, strictly clockwise.

— The first time I see this in 30 years. Manually make this unlikely.

On the traces of visitors from outer space came across a farmer. Even before the dark — all lands were OK. A night on the field came here this mystical message.

-In the morning went to look. Dried or not the field, every day we go round looking, I saw circles.

Diameter of the largest circle of 20 meters. In the center of the hole. It sprinkled some silver powder. None other than from another planet — say UFO. A farmer in a mysterious powder could see traces of the usual silver paint.

— I still do not believe that aliens were flying, or whatever they say.

But local residents allegedly even seen flying machine. The aliens are often hosted. And all the time bring some misfortune.

Some of agronomists already sounded the alarm, worry about the harvest. The fact that similar circles ideal form appeared in the winter of ice pond. Locals believe the UFO was flying over the pond. A fisherman noticed that since the fish in the pond ceased to peck, indeed, it is now generally not seen any wildlife.

Emergency workers investigated the mysterious powder. But no gamma or beta — radiation was found. So it was not aliens upset hunters sensations. And the owners of the field on which the alleged aliens have landed, then finally lost.

— To make a claim, now I do not know whom to ask for damages to recover.

The police in alien visitors do not believe. They say, just someone decided to make a joke. Maybe the UFO themselves to prove once again the importance of his profession and his colleagues to test of aptitude.

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