Again to the Americans flew aliens?

March 19, 2012 15:07




Of course, the story of a flying saucer, which allegedly crashed in the U.S. state of New Mexico in 1947, along with his alien crew loudest. And mystery. But on the part of its entertainment easily conceals what happened after 50 years in Arizona.
March 13, 1997 in the skies over the U.S. city of Phoenix has appeared as witnesses claimed, a giant ship in the form of the letter V. Its bright lights on board, floating in the sky, seen by thousands of people. Most no doubt: this is again flying aliens. They first sinned and just the other day — before the 15th anniversary of the event, when over Phoenix something strongly blazed.

 The flash came to live local news channel FOX 10. Suddenly appeared in the background of the lead — that at this point comment on a picture of traffic, which aired one of the cameras that monitor the road.
Authorities have not been able to explain the nature of the phenomenon of excited people. We only know that the city did not explode, so to flare.
Still live in a dead end, and all those who are trying to understand the events of March 1997. Perplexed even the former governor of Arizona, who is connected to the investigation.

Are the greatest eyewitness

"During the second term as governor of Arizona, I saw something that defies logic and changed my view of the world — says Fife Symington. — Between 20.00 and 20.30 pm, I saw a giant V-shaped craft, flying silently over the mountain of Squaw. It was more of a solid object, than a vision. He was incredibly huge, with a distinct leading edge, where lights burned, while the ship was flying through the sky … As a pilot and a former officer in the U.S. Air Force, I can say with confidence that the ship does not look like any of the items made by people. "
Phoenix — the state capital, and the governor necessarily at the center of controversy. Thousands of people called the authorities, trying to learn something about what happened. But Symington and his colleagues were silent. He later explained his behavior:

Press conference, which the Deputy Governor (right) came in costume alien. Photo from

"You can not act as governor of the common man. Should be very cautious about any public statements or actions. A public figure — Resolution Aunt Sally: everything you say or do will be used against the press and opponents you. When they reached home, I told my wife what had happened. Anne listened carefully to my story. We thought long and hard about whether to admit that I saw it. Finally, we decided that I should not have opened his mouth — at least for now, as it is likely to have caused ridicule in the press, distracted me and the entire administration of the work for which we have chosen. " Symington never knew that flew over Phoenix
"We called on Luke Air Force Base, the Federal Aviation Administration and General of the National Guard. No one had an explanation. People just say that they do not know what it is. In the end, the National Guard aviation claimed responsibility, saying that while their pilots dropped flares. Explanation against common sense, because the bombs are flying formation. I was never satisfied with the explanation so stupid … "
«USA Today», one of the major newspapers in America, June 18, 1997 devoted an entire strip of the March UFO. In response Symington called a press conference to which his assistant came in costume, and the stranger in handcuffs. Joke …
"The heated article in« USA Today »hysteria has increased to the limit, and I decided to dispel a little by adding a frivolous note, — explained the old trick of the ex-governor. — The idea was mine, not just to stem panic in the bud, but also to show the "human face" of officials in high positions. "
Then — 15 years ago — Symington, using clowning, clearly palter. After all, he stuck to an alien version.
"The fact that I and many others have seen between 20.00 and 20.30, it was completely different — the mysterious giant ship" — recalled official.

Lights over Phoenix shot amateur video. Photo from


Upon learning that the governor personally observed object, experts at Arizona State University made its own investigation. To start Ryan Darling and his colleagues created a computer model of the area where the UFO was flying using GPS-navigation and laser scanning topography. They interviewed witnesses in the field of observation, tying the size of the object to different points on the ground. People who do not know each other, showed the same values — a UFO in width extended to 460 meters. Nearly half a mile!
Professor Pavlos Mikelidis figured out that if you build a whopper of conventional aircraft materials such as titanium and duralumin, its weight would have been 1.6 million tons. No modern engine even though the object is not moved from the spot.
— We are talking about some unknown technology — said the professor. — Perhaps in the future we will be able to understand what it is.
Scientists have found out that the UFO seen over the strip length of 480 kilometers — from the Nevada border to the city of Tucson. All the witnesses, including the pilot is in the air plane, told the same thing. Like, UFO-shaped V with five glowing lights flying from north to south. He then hovered in the sky high above the ground, then accelerated to high speed and quickly disappeared over the horizon. Yet air traffic controller Michael Pearson Airport Sky Harbor could not find the object on the radar screen, though well seen with the naked eye.
Employees of the National Geographic Society, and doubted that the lights that people have seen the Phoenix after 22.00 on the ground named Goldwater were flares. In the documentary film «Mystery 360" expert Jim Dilettozo compared the light characteristics of lights videotaped citizens, with videos of bombs. The analysis showed that the bombs ignite and fade, creating a zigzag graph, and the lights above the mountains are smooth, painting a straight line.
If the landfill is really something dropped from the planes, it was not the usual flares.
None of the explanations offered by skeptics, could not stand the collision with reality: the object flying over Arizona, remained unidentified. It looks like he will still be a stumbling block for those who want to believe that we are alone in the universe.

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