Against Russia is drug war

Drug addiction — is not only a terrible disease. It is also a tool that is already quite clear the world since that time. Anesthesia population in a hostile terrain akin to the use of bacteriological weapons, as it is able to take the character of the epidemic. Drug war not much different from ordinary operations. Here is the information and propaganda, and intelligence, and his "gun shots" in the form of casting lots of drugs on the terrain of the enemy. For most of our fellow citizens who think far no secret that drug war and goes against of our country, and the enemy is already headed for significant success in it. Already causing significant harm to us, the enemy is not lust to take their own positions and prepare new attacks. The essence and the main purpose of drug war is frisky and, more importantly, virtually irreversible moral disintegration of the enemy's physical and winding up its potential manpower by drug addiction in the middle of the general population.

First volleys drug war thundered in the first half of the 90th to the beginning of the country's "democratic transition". The weakening of control over the situation in the country by the security services has resulted in massive penetration of the area of the Russian Federation and the CIS representatives of the South American continent with the drug cartels. In fact, the country became free to do wholesale quantities of cocaine and heroin to a greater degree of Colombian production. It is significant that specifically Colombia was one of the first countries with which our homeland abolished the visa regime. And it came at the initiative and with the mediation of the United States and stakeholders in the Russian leadership. Colombian poison just been imported into the country, along with bananas, canned fish, souvenirs.

When in the nineties fight against drug trafficking was concentrated in the main to Latin America, after the beginning of the NATO operation in Afghanistan and the United States, Russia invaded drugs specifically from that country. By fully reliable official data, over the last 10 years creating drugs in Afghanistan has risen almost 50 (!) Times. Produced over the years the Afghan poison on the most conservative estimate would be 30 times to poison the entire population of the Earth! The horrifying number, is not it?

It is significant that the command of NATO and the Pentagon categorically reject the possibility of carrying out joint operations with Russia for the destruction of the Afghan opium fields. Cynicism arguments cited by our "partners" is striking: spalivat opium poppy can not be as ill-fated Afghan farmers will golodovat, deprived of its own ordinary income, and leave to serve "the Taliban." They do not care about the things of the accursed Afghanistan get stupid stumbled killed millions of Russian young people! Yankees unwillingness to oppose the Afghan drug trade — another direct evidence of conduct against RF drug war.

The task of drug war against Russia is not only a moral decay and the physical destruction of our people, and getting the ability to manipulate the forces involved in the implementation of drug trafficking in our area. Drug trafficking is always associated with illicit trafficking of guns and bolshennymi means, as you know, specifically those two things rule the world.

Drug war is sometimes diplomatic means. Examples include visits nedavneshnie Secretary of State for International Narcotics William Braunfilda in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan with the so-called "Initiative against drug trafficking in Central Asia." According to the views of well-known analyst, special on Latin America, the Nile Nikandrova, this initiative resembles a big-name "Plan Colombia." By the way, specifically Colombia Braunfild served as ambassador. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are invited to make joint task forces to combat drug trafficking, which will become a barrier in the so-called the narcotic northern route. Good at first glance, it's …

But the delusion is not necessary, because the highest goal of U.S. "fighters against drug trafficking" are none other than, as in the development of a "death squad" that will be used for deployment to areas of Central Asia as much as military operations. Something similar was already cooperated in Latin America: Colombia and Mexico. "Obstruction" anti-drug operations have long steel for these states mundane. And it seems that the drug wins this war being waged sometimes violent ways. Specifically the need to promote the Governments of Mexico and Colombia in the fight against drug trafficking and is a pretext for the implementation of U.S. involvement in the situation, and the means and the political process in these countries, with all the attendant benefits for the United States, including the military-political nature.

Since there is progress Eurasian integration process, "Initiative against drug trafficking in Central Asia" takes on special meaning for the West. The real aim of this project is to conduct a profound change in the policy of the Central Asian states, phased reduction to the authorities in these countries, pro-US regimes for the Latin American scenario, and following the elimination of Russian influence in Central Asia.

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