Against the Russian Federation is an undeclared war

Version put forward in the article is very controversial, but to get acquainted with it does not hurt (from the editors of "VO")

Not quite mundane situation with the weather this year have seen, apparently, everything. Recall that in July 2010 the "world government" under the full control of which are the United States, has used against Russia, and many other European countries meteorological instrument, which in some places has caused abnormal heat, while others — cold and flooding.

Until June 23-24, in Europe the temperature was kept at +35 ° C. In Russia, the situation was similar, but after June 23 the temperature of the entire area of Siberia and the Far East has gone down, and went rains. Unusual, which hit a 130 year high fever surveillance, established only in the Central, Volga and Ural federal part of the neighborhood, where hitherto bars for temperature kept at around +38-40 ° C! We can say that the summer weather today in Russia is more consistent deserts of Central Asia, with one exception: the Bedouin cool evenings pets. A middle zone of the Russian Federation about the cool of the evening there are only dreaming.

A prerequisite for the heat, according to the views of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center forecasters, was anomalous 'blocking' anticyclone, which is held on the territory of the Russian Federation Central for more than a month. It is more than surprising, because usually these anticyclones hold less than a couple of weeks, and then forced out the fronts of cool air.

By studying the anomaly, meteorologists have recorded very highest pressure in the middle troposphere at altitudes of 5 km away, where the atmosphere warmed not only across the bottom, but also in the interior. The situation is quite outlandish: many kilometers entire post is very very warmed up. Blocking anticyclone such duration and intensity in our part of the history of instrumental observation was not. Specific answer about the causes of anomalies in no meteorologists (

But the fact that, by virtue of their level of competence, failed to grasp the meteorologists, was able to explain the academician Nikolai Levashov. The unusual heat was created by a massive ground radiating antennas to simultaneously transmit microwave signals to orbiting satellites in geostationary orbit our planet. They are perceived and re-emitted signal back to Earth, creating in the upper atmosphere ionic lens.

As a result of these actions, the ozone layer, "opened", and hard gallakticheskoe radiation incident on the earth, was a prerequisite for "heat wave." Also been used against us geological tool — explained Academician Nikolai Levashov live programmke "End" on the radio "Russian News Service".

Correspondents of Rouen decided to inform the details of their own readers on this issue.

Information about the mechanisms of meteorological instruments appeared at a "world government" has long since, but the technical level of our civilization for a long time did not allow to translate this knowledge into trial swatch. Time to put theory into practice, it's the middle of the 80-ies of the last century, under the programs from the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), better known as the example program "Star Wars." In 1986, the Office of promising research and development of the U.S. DoD has adopted a number of programs to develop weapons of war to an electric light …

The fact that the Russian meteorologists do not know anything about these research activities and the effects of the introduction of meteorological instruments, in general, is fine. But this well understood by scientists defense research institutes and our military professionals. For example, the last military forecaster, the captain of the second rank in retirement Nicholas Karavaev states that the use of meteorological instruments against Russia in 2010:

"Beaufort effect (when the atmosphere cleared of overcast cover, and in the impact zone is triggered by a breakthrough of heated air from adjacent areas) leads not only to demoralize the population and troops, loss of crops, and applied to a purely military dilemmas: in a hot air increases range cruise missiles, increasing the damage done by the application of air and missile strikes, etc. "

The military observer, past spokesman of Defense RF Viktor Baranez:

"With HAARP connect string of man-made disasters and weird weather events, noted in recent years in Europe, Asia and America. Italians can not understand how in 2002, took their tormented country typhoon, which (according to weather forecasts) and close could not be … "

Vladimir Ashuganov, Major-General, Ph.D., Head of Research Division of the Defense Ministry:

"I have the impression that some reputable scientists RF downplay the true meaning of HAARP and even call it science fiction amateurs. So listen here. When in the world (including the USSR) appeared heavy duty locators, it became clear that they are able to "warm up" in certain areas of the ionosphere. We managed to establish a direct connection between these warm-up with magnetic storms and other phenomena (there are many). Americans were not sleeping. And when we do, and they figured out what are the ability to open (the defensive nuances I also have in mind), here, and boom … He continues to this day … "

And finally, 11 September 2002 State Duma of the Russian Federation listen to a draft resolution (Item 10 day or) "On the appeal of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation," To the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about a possible threat to the continuation of the world's population by the United States focused on large-scale tests and a massive impact on the near-Earth environment of the highest frequency radio waves. '" Report to the Deputy Astrakhankina Tatiana, present only a small quote from the official speech to show the seriousness of the issue and the level of professionals:

"I remember, and I emphasize again: the performance Ivanov (Minister of Defence 2001-2007, Colonel-General's Stores) — Excess confirmation that we now need to make an informed decision and obmyslennoe here against this new type of weapon. Pochetaemye colleagues, I ask you to accept the appeal, that were taken the necessary international long-term solutions, which is principally due to the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM contract.

Now invited to a meeting of the leading experts in this dilemma: Vyacheslav Kunitsyn, Doctor, Head of the Department of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow State University, Yuri M. Perun, chief designer of the Central Research Institute of radio instrument, Plaxin Alexander, a member of the section of the Defense Ministry of Defense dilemmas of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, Colonel Staff. And if need be, and I, and they will give further explanation of the above-defined topic. Ask colleagues very seriously the issue … "

Typically, if a resolution could not be adopted, it was transferred to a day or a day and lasted until the end of the vernal session of the State Duma. Ultimately, the appeal to the president and international society was still sent, but on behalf of the 90 members who have signed. Military experts and scholars have written a closed appeal to the president — on the basis sovsekretnyh materials.

Unfortunately, the right of public resonance, then fai
led to reach, but it became clear who was in the State Duma convocation 1999-2003 he worked at the "world government" …

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