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February 26, 2012 15:07

American comedian, television host, writer, author, political lobbyist and charity activist Fran Drescher, known to the public mainly for the TV series "Nanny" says that at a young age, she was abducted by aliens and they left in her body chip.
This 54-year-old Drescher and told in a new interview as a sensational thing. She also said she and her husband, producer and writer Peter Marc Jacobson, had a similar experience as a child.
Fran Drescher and Jacobson together starred in the TV series "Nanny" in 1993 and 1999. In all seriousness the actress said that the experience with her and her husband were very similar, and there was all in the same situation, at the time when the children were traveling in the car with their fathers.
— We both were then in junior high, and meeting a few years later realized that we were something in common. I think we were programmed to meet. We both have the same small scars in the same places. True, Peter is not sure he got the scar from the aliens, he remembers nothing. He thinks it was a burn from hot drill bit or boiling water. In fact, I think this is the place to put that chip.
Such statements has consistently appear in the media, and from the mouth of the known, highly respected people and citizens of the world. It seems that the alien surgery put on the conveyor, and one side is actively implanting implants, and the other, with equal zeal — their tears away.
Of alien implants talked a long time. It is believed that this is a tiny, apparently miniperedatchiki, a kind of control device that
are introduced into the body, most commonly through the nasal cavity or through other inconspicuous holes on the body of the victim. They usually do not cause obvious discomfort, found by chance, for example, X-rays, but learned to light, always baffled researchers.
In 1998, the English popular scientific magazine «Focus» tells the story of Alan Butch, a 37-year-old railroad dispatcher who while fishing out of a clear sky suddenly lost consciousness. He woke up getting close to dusk and, realizing I had slept all fishing tackle looped. Gathered, he went to the car, parked nearby, and suddenly pierced his right leg pain — like a long needle prick. The pain quickly passed, but the unpleasant itching inside left thigh. "Like any small rodents slightly, but is sensitive clutching bone and do not let go" — complained the next day, Alan doctor in his clinic. On the outer side of the thigh appeared desyatisantimetrovy thin scar, which he had never before noticed. The surgeon did X-rays and was surprised at the strange object tibia elliptical shape measuring about 2 centimeters. Increase in computer image surgeon Patrick Joe was amazed by what he saw, and even more with the images to refer the patient to a hospital where neurosurgeons and made a difficult operation. The extracted object — an unknown species of metal, 21 mm long and four millimeters wide was implanted into the bone to two millimeters in depth. His appointment is unclear. Even while in his hands, he remained cool to the touch. Master surgeons handed it in to the experimental laboratory of the Air Force (base Cornwell), the patient was discharged after a week. By the way, the experts were able to establish the laboratory is that in an object-implant contains tungsten and bismuth; radiocarbon irradiation showed nothing, and the object immersed in a glass of alcohol, surfaced two centimeters from the floor and hung in the liquid.
A physician Madi Nolan lechivshaya patients on Whidbey Island (Washington, USA), came across a group of adult men and women who have had the same kind of subcutaneous implant on the inside of the thigh, just above the knee. They took the form of small cylinders and were so close to the skin surface, that at this point the skin is slightly inflamed and reddened. When the doctor rubbed a place gizmo under the skin began to decrease in size and disappear. But, nevertheless, the implants will still remain under the skin and, apparently, continued to operate.
In 1993, the Englishwoman Mary Field turned to doctors about the terrible pain suddenly emerged at the base of the skull. According to 25-year old patient, the pain was long and dull, exhausting to the point that poor woman fainted. Roentgen discovered the artificial object at the base of the upper vertebra. She agreed to the operation, the surgeons removed a small triangular object of black metal or plastic. Studies have shown that this implant in the coating composition is found rare earth metals.
The unique case has been registered in South Africa. The body of the four-month-tion Kierona Luskoiba from Durban (South Africa) found an implant size and shape like a big shot. Parents are at a loss as to the origin of the item. Best surgeons with all precautions removed the bullet and sent her to the Metropolitan University, and the unfortunate baby — the hospital bed, to heal the wound.
Richard Price of the New York State during the kidnapping in 1955, the aliens introduced into the body "something" leaked through the skin only after 34 years. That "something" turned out to a thickness of one cylinder and a length of four millimeters. Its analysis was carried out at the Physics Department of Massa chusetskogo Institute of Technology under the direction of Dr. David E. Pritchard, and showed that the shell of the implant was composed of 90 percent carbon, oxygen, and three percent of the seven percent tantalum.
None of the people surveyed did not remember the time of implantation of the implant. Typically, a man suddenly heard a loud noise — something like thunder (some claimed to have seen the light), and the next thing people realize — disappeared somewhere around two hours time!
But there are exceptions to the rule. Pat Parrinello Houston suggests that acquired a "bug" during a meeting with a UFO in 1954, when he was only 6 years old. He was walking in a field when he saw in the air hovering round object the size of a basketball. The boy turned to run away, but could not — "ball" suddenly exploded and Pat got a splinter in his hand.
Mary Jones suggests that the metal object to it, most likely, was implanted in 1969. In that year, she twice saw the UFO.
— During my first contact with an unidentified flying object, I was traveling with his family in a car and was pregnant with a third child — says Mary. — Then nothing much happened. UFO suddenly appeared from nowhere, leveled his speed with speed machine and a few minutes accompanied us. Then, with a crazy speed rushing off to an unknown destination. Then, most likely, the aliens could not implant to implant me, because nothing like the blackout, the "loss" of time for me and my family was not. I think it happened at the second meeting, when the UFO was hanging at night outside our house a month after the birth of her son. This time when I saw him one — stood at the window and watched him in some unusual sleepy daze. But definitely say that to me was an operation carried out, not say.
The founders of the American Foundation FIRST (Foundation for interactive research and space technology) Roger Leir, orthopedic surgeon, and Darrel Sims, hypno-therapist, almost thirty years investigating the UFO problem. Together with a group of surgeons, these experts conducted dozens of operations to remove the implants, implanted space aliens.
One such story took place in 1995, when hypnologist Darrel Sims surgeons showed an X-ray of human legs, once taken aboard a UFO. At first glance, it seemed that the leg was a surgical operation, and in the pictures visible foreign matter — a sort of conventional steel brackets. But it turned out that this woman has never operated leg. It was decided to surgically remove the mysterious objects from the bodies of victims. The second candidate for surgery was a man, and implant it was introduced in the hand … Here is what the surgeon Bert Clemens. "I decided I would spend the two operations in the same day. August 19, 1995 in the hospital the patient is ready to receive a team of about ten people — I'm a surgeon, anesthesiologist, psychologist, nurse, representatives of local UFO center, cameraman, two stenographers.
Before surgery, each patient was taken some blood. The fact that the literature contains many stories about what lessons the light of God implants in the air disappear, evaporate or crumble to dust. I decided that the best place to store them — fluid from the body of the victim of abduction. Drawing blood, in my opinion, is an ideal environment to store mysterious implants. Finally, the first patient, Patricia, lay on the operating table. I spent a long incision in the search for an unknown foreign body. Suddenly, the patient's leg twitched, despite the fact that she was under anesthesia double! We continued the autopsy in the place that caused the reaction, and no mistake: a scalpel drew little gray thing. He was neatly captured and removed, and at this point the patient again jerked from obvious pain. In my experience, this happened only when the tumor is removed directly from the growing nerve. Object was triangular in shape, approximately 0.5 to 0.5 cm and covered with a very dense membrane. Implants, apparently th, magnetized — stick to the blade scalpel. Then we started the second implant Patricia. His recovery was not as painful. The implant was a round number 2, the size of a melon seed and covered with the same membrane.
During the operation, carried out the second patient, the implant removed when there is the same painful reaction, and he was exactly the same as the number 2 of the implant body Patricia. But they lived in different parts of Texas and first met just before flying to me. "
Some of the implants, which were extracted from the patient's body, which consists of 11 elements known on Earth. Argue that this is some kind of special equipment, the scientists are not taken. And for the rest of the "bugs" can not say anything, because they determine the composition of modern equipment can not. What one can say with certainty is that the devices work flawlessly. One of the patients, Dorothy O'Hara, for example, said that a week before the surgery she had a dream that she, along with many others are stolen in the big room and they wait in line, so they made a shot in the neck. And just prior to meeting with Dr. Darrel Sims Dorothy and another woman, a strange thing happened. They went to the doctor a couple in a car and suddenly they fell on the eye black shroud. Some time later, a woman came to their senses and see that the car is at the curb. According to their estimates, they have lost somewhere around 20 minutes late for the Sims. Later, after the surgery, Dorothy, according to her, a few days later saw the strangers, but to describe exactly what is happening at that time, could not — all spread out, in a daze.
And here at Mary Dzhouis about a week before the start of surgery leg hurt badly, and the thumb was swollen.
— At that moment I knew exactly where my leg is a foreign object — says Mary. — I felt it. Although this is no pain, I was not. Surprisingly there's something else: the moment when I got to the hospital for surgery and out of the car, the pain immediately stopped.
There is another question: now that the implants are removed, will determine whether the aliens implant his "guinea pigs" new items? All but Mary Jones, answered this question in the affirmative.
Where they have such confidence, these people do not know that someone seemed to whisper to them about it or answer laid in the subconscious. But Alice encounters with aliens already occurred — two months after the operation.
— I went to bed early, as much a headache, says Alice. — How do I tell my husband, he woke up in the morning, because our bedroom was bright as day. He looked at his watch and turned to me … but I was not in bed! Then a strange thing happened: instead of looking for me, or at least see where the light is strange, my husband went back and immediately fell asleep. In the morning I was already in place and the next day felt completely exhausted. None of the night did not remember what happened, but noticed that our dog is in some places much claws scratched walls, as if behind them lurked something terrible.
All five patients after surgery was something strange with his health. Pat complained that a few weeks went limp and sodden, hardly knowing what he was told by others. He even tried toning agents, but they have not helped. Then it went on its own. Mary Jones said that there was always nervous irritability special, but then it descended extraordinary inner peace. And Licia said:
— Once out of my leg cut this thing, I have a much improved mood, the pain stopped and disappeared a strange feeling, as if the foot is filled with water.
But the most dramatic change occurred with Dorothy.
— In the week after the surgery I went out a lot of moisture, as if I was taking strong diuretics. Health was getting worse and worse — a heavy flu, then a heart swelling. A relapse of the disease of the heart, which I experienced when I was about 30 years. I felt very tired and could not do anything. Such a terrible state lasted for about a month, but then my energy, health, and energy recovered and seemed to have increased a hundredfold. I was full of energy, I would like to do, and the brain worked like a well-oiled machine. I have greatly improved memory. Mental and emotional stress were so strong that I could not get over it for a few days. If I was reborn after years of illness. Six after the operation, I noticed that something had gone wrong with his foot. There are shooting pains, especially in the place where used to be the implant. Scar was bright red for about a month.
— After eight months after removal of the implant in his left leg beginning "shoot" and I noticed that the scar from the surgery and started blushing hurt badly — said Alice. — This went on for a week, and then it passed. At about the same time I have significantly increased the ability of foresight, and the events foretold me, happened just then, and so, as I said.
Dr. Roger Leir believes that these stories can be concluded: "bugs" to work through internal reserves. Maybe they extorted from him bioenergy or any substance to say definitely not possible, because no one knows how to construct a mysterious devices and why they are introduced into the body.
The meaning of the next experiment aliens remains a mystery, according to Dr. Leira, unusual and the objects themselves, as well as a way to introduce them into the tissues of the human body. Thus, the reports of the first two operations mentioned: first, seemingly metallic object extracted from a finger Mary Jones, was similar to the letter "T", "foot" and "shoulder" which had a length of about polusantimetra on each side, and the second was smaller but out of the same material. The implant is removed from the hands of Pat Parrinello was a 4 by 2 millimeters. All of these items were made in a cocoon of a very dense and hard gray biomaterial composition like the upper layer of the human skin. In addition, in these biological cocoons were found nerves, but not the ones that should be in that part of the body, where the implants. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, cocoons glow a greenish color.
Other results were the following two operations. Surgeons removed the implants entirely different type. Spherical objects whitish did not have protective shell and did not react to UV light. But they did not cause rejection. The same can be said of the latter, vitreous implant.
In an interview with the British magazine "Eylien Inkaunters" Darrel Sims told about these sensational discoveries of the following:
— It seems that before implantation metal objects were wrapped in leather. Later in this shell sprouted nerve endings connecting to the human nervous system. What function they had to do? Whether to take over control of the whole organism or to collect some information.
But the chemical composition of one of the implants, the analysis of which was conducted with the help of laser emission spectroscopy, is striking: on an area long thin needle with a ball diameter of 2.5 mm and with protruding fibers are arranged in a whole factory elements — Al, Ca, Fe, Ba, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Zn, Si, Ti … Ufology stress is very similar to the composition of our chips, which are used in computer technology.
As a result of the operations of the lessons of implants in patients, only one was a splinter medical tubes, it is unclear how got under the skin, others have shown very intriguing physical properties. Implants were divided into four categories: non-metallic and metallic.
Non-metallic implants look like grayish-white pea metal was covered with a very strange gleaming shell of dark gray color, which was so strong that it did not take even a surgical scalpel. According to the doctors, nothing like they never recovered from patients. Metal objects struck the researchers their composition: they were more than twenty of the chemical elements in the earth's quite incredible for technology combination.
Dr. Leir said all the incredible thing: the implants showed a very strange "behavior." They were hard as a rock, then turned to jelly, then again "kamenevshuyu."
The study of implants continues. While actually managed to prove only their existence.

Author: S.Nikonenko
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unbelievable »№ 3 2012

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