Aliens are forced to close the project SETI?

November 20, 2011 1:03

Radio telescopes, trying to detect signals from space are disabled due to lack of funding. Moreover, again, there were articles and research space, describing the fundamental inability to meet his brother in mind. But like all good beginning.

American popularizer of science Frank Drake shortly after the flight of the first satellite, but before Gagarin's flight, in 1960, proposed a formula to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that might come into contact with us. The formula is entirely speculative and contains the following parameters: the number of stars in the galaxy (not precisely known), the fraction of stars with planetary system (unknown), the share of these planets that are suitable for organic life (do not know), the share of these planets on which there is a civilization that might come into contact with us (well, I do not know), the length of time for which a civilization is able to come into contact with us (how to know?). All these values, which are called, then the value can not be multiplied, and then divide the result by the lifetime of the galaxy (m-da!).

Drake himself believed that his formula is suitable for practical use, and has calculated that in the galaxy, there are about a dozen civilizations that are dreaming, as it were, come into contact with us. Of course, his calculations are of no value, as in the formula of them were chosen quite arbitrarily. Thus, the proportion of stars with planetary systems, it took 0.5. Recent discoveries of exoplanets (outside the solar system) shows that this value should be reduced tenfold. Curiously, some enthusiasts for the formula Drake got a different answer — millions of civilizations!

Lovcen network

However uncritically perceived formula Drake craze in the early cosmos space age led to the development of the program SETI, all the same notorious dozen "little green men". In 1960, a project was launched the search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI, which is a complex of radio antennas operating in the centimeter range. At 21 cm, associated with interstellar hydrogen and represents the universal galactic constant, the idea would have to communicate representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and negotiations could be detect. The project was funded and private individuals, and the Pentagon, which at the same time listened to the talks between the two astronauts and Mission Control Center. Financial difficulties pursued the project all the time, and no wonder — over the years, was not received any evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Modern antenna complex is located in California and cost $ 50 million, the annual cost of the universe was listening to a pitiful amount of approximately $ 1.5 million principal donor of the project has recently become Bill Gates' former partner Paul Allen, whose fortune is estimated at $ 13 billion project was recently closed, its funding stopped. Lack of a ten-thousandth of the state, is released on SETI, for the Western press is a mystery. This raises a question that has long since dubbed the "Fermi paradox" — if extraterrestrial millions, why we did not find?

Who is not hidden, I do not blame

Estimating the distance to even the nearest stars with planetary systems, the astronomers of discernment and just citizens rightly believe that the search for the brothers on reason is pointless. Even if you find them, and then poison to a rendezvous with a speed close to the speed of light, the whole expedition will take five hundred years. Returning from space with samples of plants, animals and prisoners 'green men', the astronauts at the land of civilization changed considerably long zabyvshuyu about their trip. By the way, back then, not the astronauts and their distant descendants.

There is one answer to Fermi. It is not excluded that the "little green men" does not want to be noticed. They could reach a level of development that has already decoded the radio, constantly emanating from Earth. It is unlikely that they would like information about Auschwitz, Kolyma, and September 1, 2001. Should I communicate with these savages, and even waving a nuclear bomb?

Yes, but what about the talks at 21 cm, for each alien must somehow talk? Responses may be several reasons: there is no one to talk, they do not talk, the long-lost interest in each other, they communicate a way unknown to us, such as telepathy. Maybe it is the "little green men" forced to close the project SETI, somehow treating Paul Allen. Cease funding "green men" sigh of relief and go about his business affairs urgent green.

And we need it?

Still, it's a pity that the closed project SETI, which means "the search for extraterrestrial intelligence." Its leaders say it will not last long, and soon they will collect the money and send back radio telescopes at the sky. After all, human nature to curiosity, and even if the alien is not to fly, I wonder, do they exist in reality. And on the other hand, no physicist would say that Einstein's ban on flying with greater speed than the speed of light, is final. Now the flight is impossible, and in a hundred years, maybe, will be possible. And maybe learn to fold space and travel to Alpha Centauri in a split second, taking advantage of "moving machine", as in the movie "Kin-Dza-Dza". How long have we stood in line for the installation of bulky home phone? Where did I put that damn cell phone?

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