An activist from Tunisia: Belarusians, we are with you!


In the center of Berlin near Brandenburskay gate and to the Belarusian Embassy rally of solidarity with Belarusian democrats supported the Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, and joined the action activist from Tunisia Umayma Qanun.

In Tunisia, the other day as a result of street protests was ousted President Ben Ali, who ruled the country for 23 years. An activist from Tunisia appealed to Belarusians:

"People in Belarus, you can do it! We were able to do it, it happened days back to Tunisia, and you can win too! You can overthrow a dictator, it's easy. Just be in agreement, do not be selfish, do not be indifferent, it concerns every one of you. Do not say — I'm fine, the dictatorship will touch sooner or later, everyone. Support each other, be as one — as we were. We all felt on the streets of their unity, had no value or political parties, neither religion nor an ideology. Just people all together for their country to overthrow a dictator. "

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