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On the eve of his 69th anniversary therapist told about why stopped using hypnosis as helping in the election for President Lech Walesa, that means to him number 13 and is the essence of his "method".

— What do you mean your birthday?

— Same as for the others. Still do not know how this event will be "global importance". Often my birthdays organized by other people. So it was in Odessa, Berlin, New York, Moscow — in large rooms with lots of people. And then there were those — when I was alone. But somehow it did not betray the values that date. Such narcissism sickens me. Besides, I do not drink, do not have the tendency to overeat.

— What do you do now?

— Since the birth, and to this day I do them and people. Since childhood, I studied myself, and then the other. Watching a man — one of my favorite activities. Therefore, their activities have never interrupted. Now I temporarily, I repeat it, I am in New York, and at the end of the month planning a trip to Moscow, where he will begin a series of programs on one of the Russian TV channels. Other than that I'm working on the site, collect archives. I hope that by September 1, it will start.

— How often do you see each with their children and grandchildren?

— This counter is I do not have vizhus, of course, at least once a year. It happens a little more often. But all the questions from the press about the family and grandchildren for me — a taboo subject.

— Who was the first patient to whom you have cured his "method"?

— "Method" does not exist. There is a philosophical quest, guess, intuition, and the method — is to hammer nails. This is a creative impulse. It always think that there is a beginning. However, there are some things that do not have a beginning and, by the way, too late. My "method" is constantly changing. One man will destroy all your "method" or your worldview. For example, I have many years of experiments performed with a demonstration of hypnosis. Once at a speech at Kiev, in 1974, I was on the scene of Roma. Such an executive, a compliant! I pierced his hands, showing insensitivity to the fire. And then I brought a photographer shot the moment when I said, "Sleep!" But when I looked at that picture, I felt sick. Was once seen as the lower part of his face, so here's a smirk playing on his lips. He did not sleep, just as no one slept. It turned out that no one had ever slept, whatever stormy scenes were not. Hypnosis — not a dream. And since then I have completely eradicated from his practice hypnotic effect as weak and unnecessary. That's how one event can ruin your opinion on your "method".

— How parents react to your first public performance?

— These were the lectures on-line society "Knowledge". Parents are always respected me, but some emotion or enthusiasm from them was not. Although there was a time when my mother really surprised. In Gdansk, after my speech in the church she was thrombophlebitis 45-year-old and varicose veins. In one night! The father, however, wanted me to be his speech did not make such ordinary. And then I go out in plain clothes around me there is nothing unusual. Everyone loves a ritual. To candles were other attributes, waving his arms, grimacing — why? It's all upside. Now singers fog in the room allowed. I think it's all Chaliapin was not necessary. This is similar when added ketchup tasteless food so that it can be eaten. Figuratively speaking, I do not need ketchup. So I dressed modestly and I have no lights, svechichek and other otherworldly. I have an idea. This is the strongest. But here's the surprise. Whatever I said, whatever you do — people are not surprised. People pass heart disease — is not surprising. It took uterine prolapse — no one is happy. Absolutely. But all were watching — on what I stumbled. I was in Boston, in the garden for the elderly. Four people came out and said that they were serious illnesses. A fifth person, under 90 years, lifted his shirt and showed the scar and says, "I do not have passed." And there was a storm of applause. All were happy — so, at Kashpirovsky did not work! I ask: what rejoice? Rejoice fortunes. Every one was diabetes, hence, you can go through. How can I reach out to all? Maybe he was distracted, can not hear. Sometimes it happens. And it is also toss in a coin box observations of the subject. But is it possible to keep the evil at the board for what it mote. Knots in the board must be. It's either have to deal with the knot, or pick up a board without a hitch.

— Do you have any friends?

— Each — is when mutual understanding on many issues. And it is very difficult to find such a man. In his childhood friends can be a lot, because little in common: football, game, running — and all. A grown-up is very difficult to find such a confident person. There are good friends — lots of them. And friends — a couple of people in Russia and Ukraine. This is a very narrow range.

— How often do you invite politicians to help win the election campaign?

— That did not happen. Except in the case in Poland, where I met several times with Lech Walesa and taking advantage of their popularity, gradually helped him to become president.

— Scientists are struggling with the "effect of Kashpirovsky"? What is your secret?

— How did you know that they are fighting? Nobody beats. Then in 1991 there was a conference in Kiev, which was attended by 250 scientists from different parts of the Union and eventually was issued a scholarly book "The psychotherapeutic phenomenon" in Poland was even filmed me. It was Poland me then defended against the attacks of the USSR. Back in 1989, we met with Yevgeny Chazov (Minister of Health), he asked me several times to create a special laboratory in Moscow. And I said, give me a bit of traveling abroad, I've never been there. On the other hand — there is my video — take it and learn. So in Moscow OMON 10,000 workers were put through a study that was conducted several institutions. I very much helped Shpachenko academician, professor Zvonnikov. Checked that the changes in the human body, in his spirit and body after my exposure to them via video.

— And why riot?

— This military organizations were interested. Also always good to work with organized groups. In truth, I did not even know who will. My task was to write down every time for them, the new video materials. A scroll through them without me. They looked at my transfer, then they checked, tested, did tests, x-rays — a complete examination. And compared. According to these results, there was a whole book. But then I pulled the journey.

I say this: "We have to factor in the mutual. When a man in the audience stood up and said: I was asthma — it just halloo to one another for the whole room. And thousands of people will take asthma faster than I would sit in his office with two people who say "I have passed away." Individual practices inconclusive for physical bodily diseases. For mental illness — yes, it's effective. But the heart, liver, lungs can be cured only in large lecture halls, where the effect vpechatlyaemosti much more.

— Rumor has it that your research was used by the KGB, is that true?

— Rumors give birth maloprofessionalnye journalists. On my site is all about it, as all were born. There was not even close either the KGB or the Mafia, or other bodies that have hired or forced. This is all nonsense. KGB was then these Makhateli hands liars who say that release energy, psychics, in which the world has never been and never will. I often say: "We are all — one and the same, though not the same."

— On the day of your birth died Wang, Wolf Messing ...

— There is a paradox. Carnegie, by the way, too. But I did not think about it. I do not want this to speculate. Matches — something very interesting. Very often, bad moments in my life have been associated with a number of 13. This factor can match. But I did not avoid this figure. 4-5 okolotragicheskih dates were associated with the number 13.

— You always associate with people burdened with infirmities as get rid of the negativity?

— I do not feel negative. As it is loud sounds, I love people. I always try to transform into these people. I had 25 years to work in the Vinnitsa psychiatric hospital and is often met with a contingent of people who do not have housing. And I often on his own initiative went to the factories to help dislodge these people apartments. And often they have received at least a room, and were flat. Behind this was the work. That man is the right one, who imbued the misfortune of others. Do you see a legless — for a second turned into him and be legless. Then you will treat people differently. The only factor is lack of understanding.

— What are you dreaming?

— Everything. Man always wants. Here at the Great had it all: fame, money, beauty, talent, power. And Diogenes — anything, he lived in a barrel. One Macedonian drove to his barrel and without dismounting from his horse, he asked, "Ask whatever you want!" Came a voice out of the barrel and "Go away, you intercede me the sun!" When the Great later asked who he would like to have it said — Diogenes. A man without a dream — it is a bird without wings. Dream — the engine of progress. Difficult it all. If I gave into the hands of a magic wand, I'd swung the first time — back to my parents, the second — to once again become small, and with a portfolio of mother accompanied me to school, and the third — to possess a degree of understanding of the things that all people would normal: the blind — sighted, accidents — happy. Next to continue?

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