Ancient rites for the dead footwear

They say that if you throw an old shoe after the bride is sure to bring happiness to her and the groom. For the same reason, still sometimes old shoes tied to the rear bumper of the wedding car, throw after a wedding train. There is a logical question — why is it necessary? Naturally, not just for fun, and certainly not for decoration.

"ON" said already, that earlierSlavsworn-out shoes are not accepted to throw. Applies, it was used on, but not directly, but as a talisman.Russianhung under the eaves of the old bast stockyards, at the entrance to the house, the porch. Bast was to be found on the stakes around the gardens, to divert attention and to keep passing so the evil eye the next harvest.

In the second half of the XIX century priestNicholas CATCHERS, describing the village of Sloboda RykovRyazan districtand province, spoke of how the matchmaker in the back throwingosmetkom(Worn bast). And in the village Kosyakova Sviyazhsky CountyKazan provincewent even further. If he married a widower, when you leave the church come under a barrage of rotten real bast, which threw his boys and adult guys. And they continued to throw up to the entrance to the house of a widower or a field goal out of the village. It was believed that without such "a rain" marriage widower is unfortunate.

In Vyaznikovsky CountyVladimir Provinceold shoes can be found in the henhouse. Local residents were treated in this way their birds when suddenly noticed that recent thinning feathers on their heads. Guilty in the disease recognized brownie and tried to appease these offerings.

But not only the Slavs threw worn footwear. Finno-Ugric peoples, such asUdmurts, used old sandals in funeral rites. In the largest Russian ethnographer and linguist XX century. Dmitry Konstantinovich Zelenin find: "At the end of commemoration start seeing the dead, committed as follows. Take the old bast, which are placed feathers, down and coal fire. This takes away the outskirts bast one of the men. Taking it, he blows on coal, saying the following prayer: "Old people, eat, drink, so go away from here, and who we envious, that with them away;, our enemies, witches, along away;".

According to scientists, the manipulation of old shoes — an attempt to win the patronage of the dead ancestors. It does not matter, people going on a long journey and decided to tie the knot. In any important matter companion of the world of the dead can not hurt. On the contrary, if anything, a hand to cope with difficulties, and our plans will certainly succeed. But what to call it with? Naturally, offering comfortable shoes. The new firm will please let live, and an old, downtrodden best suited to those who have long lives in other worlds. Why throw it in the back of the departing, throws it to the unlucky. By the way, "conjure" with footwear not only here in Russia.British, For example, throw the shoe not only after the newlyweds, but also sailors, outbound. And in Herefordshire can often hear: "Before you go on a journey to happiness burn old shoes".


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