Ancient statues of Easter Island rose to their feet

May 28, 2012 10:07


Slightly open the veil of mystery mysterious statues of Easter Island. During excavations, archaeologists have discovered that a layer of soil at the giant heads are no less impressive in size trunk, writes The Sun. I wonder why for decades of research no one of the scientists came up with the idea to check this before.
All on the island, there are about 900 sculptures. Imagine their surprise when, instead of the proposed foundation at the base of several of them were found in the full-length figure. Director of "Project sculptures of Easter Island" Jo Anne Van Tilburg commented finds. "During the excavation we found torsos seven-meter statues. We responsibly declare that the statues of Easter Island have bodies ", — she said.

According to rough estimates, each weighing a mysterious statue is approximately 6 m and a height of four times the height of a man. Most likely, the giant statues performed an important role in the lives of the tribes who lived on the island hundreds of years ago.

Not far from the statues were found dumping people. Also in the course of excavations revealed evidence of the involvement of figures in rituals. This is indicated, in particular, fragments of paint, kept on them. Archaeologists believe that the completion of the work the ancient stonemasons stained statues, like making your own body.

Easter Island conceals many mysteries for modern people. For example, in 2011 it was in the local rocks, researchers found a tool that is supposed to be able to turn back the aging process. Rapamycin is called the elixir of eternal youth. During the test the action of the drug in humans, scientists have observed how rapamycin destroying damaged cells, leaving healthy.

Anton Makarov

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