And yet we are being manipulated?

April 8, 2012 22:50

And yet we are being manipulated?Today, many scientists agree that for centuries mankind has been subjected to "programming" and the main events in history — wars, revolutions, major terrorist attacks — have been imposed upon us by some secret forces. Are these the force by alien civilizations, or whether they live on our planet, but in a different, hidden from measurement — remains a mystery.

Control of the Air Force

In the mid 70-ies of XX century in the southern Urals, close to the base station located Capra air forces of the USSR. After a small earthquake in that region in 1974, bomber pilots began to report that during the flight over the square of "r" is a very extensive mountain forest area, they lose their connection to the Earth, and in some cases for a short time even refuses electronics aircraft.

Soon Command squadrons began to receive reports that during radio communications with Earth crew commanders began to hear strange noises and extraneous human speech to the pilots, which was not fixed terrestrial services. On return to the airport after these "sessions" of the crew reported an unusual unwell, lethargy, depressed mental state.

And once mysterious voices ordered the commander of one of the crew to direct the fighting machine at a hundred miles south-east of the square of the "7" and make bombing. Military pilot knew that the place was a small town located in Sverdlovsk region, but it cost a lot of willpower to stop immediately the flight and return to base …

Orders from outside

Here is another case. In the summer of 1983 in a military hospital in the Siberian Military District, Novosibirsk was brought a young soldier — a radar operator stationed near Krasnoyarsk. Initially symptoms doctors reminded psycheclampsia: unmotivated fear, fear of closed spaces, severe headache, accompanied by auditory and visual hallucinations.

However, after a long examination, accompanied by many hours of conversations and hypnotic sessions, the doctor opened a rather unusual picture. In particular, in a state of hypnosis patient reported that during combat duty in the last three months have seen on the radar screen repeatedly appears and unfamiliar images that are somehow pickles soon became fluent reading. So, one day, he was transferred to the message, which consisted of two words, "we are here."

Another time by sending graphics commands at the radar screen the soldier was ordered to stand up from his seat (which was strictly prohibited by the instructions) and make the five steps in the opposite direction. Soon after rejecting the young man began to hear voices, which he read a strange poetry, singing many-headed and very beautiful but unfamiliar melodies. Then the soldiers started to get the team out of the barracks to the street, turn to face the opposite side of the moon in the sky and find the brightest star. When this command is executed, the soldier saw a distinct pulsation an unknown celestial object, who had a blue tint.

This went on for as long as the unknown and invisible sides were ordered not to damage the power cable is the soldier, which would result in failure of the entire radar with pitii. From the realization that if he commits the act, it will be regarded as a war crime, a soldier and had a nervous breakdown because of which the young man was in the hospital …

A strange meteor

At about the same time in the Krasnoyarsk mental hospital for two weeks, three patients were transported with similar symptoms. One of them — the driver trolley — unknown voice told to change the route and return the car to the waterfront in the Yenisei River, which was done man. However, the trolley was stopped a few meters from the water hazard hitting on his way post.

Another patient, who worked at the company, obediently put his hand in the milling machine, resulting in a lost hand. Third of cases — a nurse — at the direction of voice introduced into a vein instead of patient medication several "blocks" of air.

Then these cases no one to compare and found no common cause that caused them. However, in 1990, Ivan D. Krasnoyarsk Mitrofanov, who has worked for many years by a psychiatrist, and then took up the study of paranormal phenomena of the human psyche, found in meteorological reports mention of this unusual phenomenon in that region, as meteor shower, which happened just in June 1983.

More interesting information he soon received from Novosibirsk Observatory which employees recorded at the same time, a luminous celestial body, moving strongly from the south to the north, and which, presumably, was identified as a meteor. According to ID Mitrofanov, it is this celestial phenomenon was the cause of mental illness outbreaks in different regions of Siberia …

Tragedy at the mine

But who sends us these signals? The answer to this question can cases collected Sergei Perfilyev of Barnaul.

For example, he recounts the history that has occurred in the 20 years of the last century, with a team of miners near Ardybasha. Even before arriving at the scene working the farm had heard about the strangeness of the behavior of the inhabitants of a small village Sokoliha, around which they had to wash the gold. In particular, they discussed the attacks unmotivated aggression mass population, the frequency of suicide and intentional self-harm.

Upon arrival, the cooperative leadership intensified effort protection against possible attack neighbors. Soon the farm workers themselves began to talk about what they hear some mysterious voice, and in the evening, especially during the full moon, often seen strange, as if transparent figures that roam the mines.

Some time later, the mine mysteriously killed one worker. Then, another committed suicide, perched on a rocky ledge and jumped down. This "hell" last as long as one of the miners accidentally stumbled upon a strange hole in the rock, from which protruded metal pin. Leadership of the farm is a place were examined.

During the inspection of the mysterious holes all present at the same time people have experienced a severe headache and heard a strange and incomprehensible speech, sounds that came out of the hole with the pin and thus, as it were duplicated in the minds of those present. The very next morning, two of the workers who were in that place, was found hanged, after which the farm management decided to turn the work and leave the "rotten" place.

Antenna in the head?

The researchers believe that the obsessive and hallucinogenic states people are rarely the result of true mental disorder. This happens only with organic brain damage, as well as the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances and alcohol. In other cases, the human brain, which is considered the sick, actually captures the sound and visual signals sent to it from the outside.

It is these signals in psychiatric hospitals are perceived as sounding voices in their head and appearing out of thin objects of material and non-material world. ID Mitrofanov believes that in the human brain, but rather at the base of the cerebellum, there is a certain portion of the neural tissue, which operates on the principle of the antenna that receives the special, unknown to contemporary physics signals.

After becoming acquainted with these facts create a feeling that the modern development of technology, universal computerization, work on the creation of artificial intelligence, the existence of global telecommunications networks gave some secret forces of unlimited possibilities to control humanity. We can only hope for the first, these unlimited mysterious forces will be launched but the good of our civilization.

"Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series "

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