Animation based on Russian epic and ancient history.

Animation based on Russian epic and ancient history

Collection of cartoons based on Russian epic and ancient history.


Childhood Ratibor

Based on the novel by V. Ivanov, "Primary Russia". Average shows the life and beliefs of the Slavs 6th century, their war with the nomadic Khazars.
Unfortunately, the formation of the Russian state, the era of Rurik, Oleg, Igor did not get the animated incarnation.

Boy with a bridle

Legend of the kid-Kievan wade through Pecheneg siege to Svyatoslav and saved the city. Amazingly competent image Pechenegs (no slanting eyes, Mongolian officials and caps). And — most important — one of the two kinovoploscheny Svyatoslav. Second — in the movie "The Legend of Princess Olga." No more.



Legend about Igor hike

A screen adaptation of "The Tale of Igor's Campaign". PMSM, bust with Christian emblems, and the essence of the Vedic poems overwritten, but the subject of condemnation of racial strife and conflict is disclosed.


Tale of Evpati Kolovrat

"A Tale of Evpati Kolovrat" dedicated Horde invasion.

Swans Nepryadva

"Swans Nepryadva" — about the Battle of Kulikovo.


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