Another anomaly in Molebka


In 1989, the village Molebek recognized anomalous zone — a place of paranormal activity and increased UFO activity. In late September, Perm ufologists watched it once abnormal phenomenon.

UFO expert Nikolay Subbotin said: "At night, coming on the high bank of the Sylva, from which a good view of the whole area, we noticed three pretty bright glow around the hearth of the anomalies of Snake Mountain, central clearing, Settlement."

The researchers made several pictures with your digital camera, set it on a tripod and making a long exposure of 30 seconds. Then continued observation. After a few minutes of the central glow was extinguished, and the left was getting brighter. This went on for quite some time, until the clouds did not close the picture. "

The next night the mysterious phenomenon is not stopped: ufologists have observed a bright flash, like someone invisible was making pictures of areas of space.

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