Anti-submarine aircraft missile APR-3/3M Eagle-M

The main purpose of the APR "Eagle-M" — the defeat and destruction of submarines of different classes, with a speed of 70 km / h at a depth of 0.8 km, and the enemy's ships at least some point in the ocean at sea up to 6 points. The use of the rocket can be deeper than 60 meters. APR-3/3M can successfully hit a multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine. Applied solutions in the development of rocket can use it to defeat the newest types of surface / subsurface ships.

Design and development of modern anti-aircraft missiles to equip vehicles engaged NIIPGM little later to become NRI "Gidropribor", and at the moment of the "Region". All work was carried out in 1969, was carried out parallel development of "previous" versions of APR "Hawk" (APR-2). The main feature — set turbovodometnogo motor. The creation of a rocket motor separately engaged in design office of the plant "Saturn."

Because of the highest difficulty of the required features, providing neotkaznoy work miniaturization of hardware components on-board systems and equipment deadline as constantly postponed. The latest version of anti-aircraft missiles "Eagle-M" was completed in 1990. APR goes into service under the title APR-3 (1990-1991 biennium). Prepared for export missiles entitled APR-3E. The next step was to modernize missiles — APR-3M (by export — APR-3ME).

The main difference between APR-3 of the APR-2 — the presence of a more efficient engine. Modification APR-3M has further improved solutions in comparison with the APR-3:
— weight and size properties are reduced;
— range of actions has increased due to improvements in the propulsion system;
— increased combat range homing;
— improved properties of the main rocket — the accuracy, response, noise immunity, reliability;
— working depth increment;

The upgraded missile has an onboard integrated control system and gimballess inertial navigation system based on modern elements. This has expanded the capacity of implementing APR-3M aircraft naval aviation. The designers have simplified service launch in peacetime and wartime.

Carriers missiles APR-3/3M:
— ASW aircraft Tu-142ME;
— anti-aircraft and 38;
— ASW helicopter Ka-28;
— ASW helicopter Mi-14;
(Application APR-3/3M be in flight mode and in the "hover", used primary data targeting.)
— ASW surface ships;
-multi-purpose submarines.

On the surface / subsurface ships are used as a homing missile warhead sea missile system "Movement". APR-HSN will start from the complex "Caliber" like a rocket 91RTE2/91RE. In the air or water is separated homing warhead (APR), and then she works as an independent anti-submarine missile. APR-3M is used in "Caliber"-NCE (surface ship) and "Caliber"-PLE (a submarine). Abroad, anti-submarine aircraft missile APR-3E is used in the military and naval forces of the PRC.

The mechanism of the APR-3/3M
The principle of the act has remained constant for Russian anti-aircraft missiles — search and scan goal is for helical motion of the rocket down through natural gravity. When a target is detected cut one engine, and rocket picks up speed to hit the detected target.

When you receive data on anti-submarine aircraft machine or in self-discovery and target carrier rocket ready to perform combat tasks. The carrier should be the target rate, the APR are entered in the primary data of target detection and flight mode. Next rocket is transferred to the meals, and she samopodgotavlivaetsya for combat use. When you are ready rocket signals the readiness and is separated from the carrier rocket. In flight, the APR will stabilize the slope, then at a given altitude drogue parachute opens. At the splashdown of the rocket separates brake chamber and a protective fairing. In the water APR comes under the trim angle of about 15 degrees, stabilized by the primary data from the slope and detection rate. Reaching a depth of 20 meters, fuses and removed the explosive device is on full alert. When reaching the maximum depth (about 200 meters) without a successful detection of the target cut one engine that displays missiles on another search target. If it is impossible for future work on the rocket motor cut one self-destruct device.

APR-3/3M has separate compartments which are located in equipment, machinery and explosives. Between the compartments are connected klinotsangovymi connections. The nose of a member of the fairing and the bow compartment. The radome serves to protect the antenna in the nose compartment splashdown. Front compartment, carries within it the SOP. The system consists of a head and the block acoustic guidance system. Head — a flat multi-element transceiver array of hydrophones with the union groups for the creation of the transceiver channels. The direction of the transfer (radiation) and review the sector of administration depends on the input of the test and the initial data. Also installed in the head block of non-contact with their acoustic hydrophone sensor that is part of the blasting apparatus APR. Block guidance systems — automatic device that generates emitted data and processing the received signals. The warhead consists of a warhead, safety gear and VU, which undermines the warhead on the team from the contact and non-contact acoustic sensor. The central part is inside instrument and control systems, on-board automation systems, power supply and connection cable, set up to communicate with the carrier APR (up to combat the introduction). Engine compartment has contained a gas generator, a charge of solid fuel, turbo propeller. On mounting compartment made for which the missile is suspended from the carrier. Next comes the instrument aft compartment with blocks of automation and drives the rudders. On the bay are made with stabilizers rudders. To the instrument compartment aft of the flange mounted brake compartment. It consists of a parachute and input / detachment compartment.

Base APR-3/3M GA — SOP (sonar detection and direction finding system) and a 2-modal turbovodometny engine.

GA SOP APR-3/3M first used the space-time correlation techniques for processing the received signals and special probing radiation with a frequency of azimuthal modulation. The introduction of this method of radiation led to broaden the range of reverb and a range of emission targets (submarine) has narrowed. A signal processing method applied firmly rebuilt from different reverberation noise. This greatly increases the immunity and protection against a possible counter APR. Other abilities GA SOP:
— gating of found objects in range;
— gating objects found in the corners of a 2-planes;
— floating cycle of radiation;
— change in radiation regardless of the distance.

In APR-3/3M for the first time used to induce an adaptive lead angle. When capturing the goal is the process of guidance and automatic lead angle is determined. The approach of the rocket to the corner constantly adjusted. Adjusting the angle is in the vertical and horizontal axis and carried reversal patterns head. Such a way to make the likelihood of getting to the center of missiles hit targets. In other words, hit the rocket is in a strong body, which guarantees a great opportunity to defeat / destruction of the target. In APR-3 hit is 50 percent, with an upgraded APR-3M — 60 percent.

The engine is working hard on high-calorie gidroreagiruyuschem fuel with variable thrust. None and rivals. The greatest time of processing engi
ne — 113 seconds. To reduce the impact on the operation of the motor housing SOP GA APR is made of noise-absorbing material. Power comes from the missile battery ampoule type. It is also the first time used the work of molecular drive. The drive has permitted to reach semirazovogo advantages over standard ampoule batteries.

Options APR-3/3M:
— STP-3 — complex equipment. Contains a stationary auto-control station and tehpozitsiyu AKMPS-3.2;
— Spares — spare parts and components;
— documentation and manuals. Chance of supply teaching and cutting missile APR-3P and inclusive simulator.

Modifications of the rocket:
— APR-3 — basic model entered service in 1990-1991;
— APR-3E — export version, developed in 1992;
— APR-3M — upgraded missile;
— APR-3ME — export version of the upgraded APR-3M;
— APR-3EUD — training the current version of APR-3M. Supplied with exports APR-3ME;
— APR-3P — training dummy for delivery to the customer.

The main features:
— Length — 3.68 m;
— caliber — 350 mm;
— plumage — 500 mm;
— total weight — 525 ± 25 kg;
— weight combat fragmentation of — 75 ± 1 (can be 100 ± 3) kg;
— speed mode 65/100 knots (115/180 km / h);
— speed target property — 43 knots (80 km / h);
— time after the defeat of the target lock — less than 2 minutes;
— combat radius search response / attack — 2 000/1200 meters;
— the possibility of defeat / defeats the purpose — to 0.9.

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