Anti-tank complex Storm-SM has successfully passed the tests in the Russian Federation

Anti-tank complex "Storm-SM" has been successfully tested in RussiaState tests of the upgraded completed a self-propelled anti-tank missile system "Assault-CM ", said the head of the design department journalists" Engineering Design Bureau "(Kolomna, Capital) Jora Vasiliev.

"Upgraded complex 9K132 "Assault-SM "Development of scientific and production company" Engineering Design Bureau "has successfully passed the tests of the municipal" — said Vasiliev.

He noted that the upgrade was performed in order to ensure the effective day and night combat deployment. "This is its main difference from the preceding revision"Assault-C "," — said Vasiliev.

According to him, for the detection of targets at any time of the day, "Sturm-SM" equipped with surveillance and targeting system with TV and thermal channels.

In addition, it was likely to make use of complex weapon systems on carriers by air, land and sea-based. "This high-performance multi-purpose guided missile" Ataka "equipped with a second channel control — a laser-beam" — Vasilyev said.

"Storm-SM" is designed to defeat modern armored vehicles, small targets and fortifications, manpower in shelters, as low-speed low-flying targets at a distance of up to 6 thousand meters.

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